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  1. I Wanna Make A Software Like Mine-Imator, But Idk Where To Start Or Where To Learn From. Can Someone Help Me😅
  2. How Did You Even Learn To Do So In A Game Engine? And If I Was Able To Learn Would You Mind If I Tried?
  3. Mine-Imator Doesn't Suck Anymore 2 [Collab]

    Who Did 2:29I Need To Learn That Rain Technique
  4. Need Your Help

    Okay So i Was Trying to make a in program (Without Outside Edits) ki blast, What Should I Do To Improve This?
  5. Toy Robot [Blender Wallpaper]

    Lol I Didn't Know If That Was Another Name For Those Render Settings Style
  6. Toy Robot [Blender Wallpaper]

    So What You Make This In?
  7. It's Been A While

    Thanks Ill Try Better The Reality In My Scenery
  8. It's Been A While

    Thanks, and i see now i should've eased up
  9. It's Been A While

    Thanks, ima try to ease up next time
  10. My First Wallpaper In A While (Need Some Opinions) Before Effects After Paint.net Scenery By @SKIBBZ - Rig By @RedRocketGamer - & Edits Yours Truly @Lazii
  11. Lonely | 2K cinematic wallpaper

    i need to know your settings
  12. Simple.. | 2K cinematic wallpaper

    how you get it to look like this without edits?
  13. Rain... | 4K cinematic wallpaper

    How You Get Your Mine-Imater To Look like that without Edits?
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