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  1. He's inactive. I wonder what he's up to now.

    1. iSheep


      what a scary thought

    2. Cube Productions

      Cube Productions

      @iSheep Y'know, just thinking... if he's left. The world I mean. If he's left the world.

    3. Emunator


      It is indeed scary, infact, if you look at the stats for average death rate, then 110 people out of the 13,450 members would be deceased.

      Or you follow the world average death rate from wiki of this year, then 108 members would be deceased.
      Of coarse, there would be alot of different variables in place, such as alts and more, but the stats wouldn't be to far from wrong.

      Not to mention the 100000 accounts david deleted due to inactivity and the such. If that number was still in place, then the number would be 918 deaths.. on average anyway.
      Quite scary isnt it @CubeTron23.

  2. Holy... the third ever account...

  3. happy birthday user no. 3!

  4. Happy birthday mister!

  5. Happy birthday TomDreamer!

  6. happy birthday user no. 3!

  7. Item Pack (BETA)

    My friends create Item Pack I decided to put it here This is BETA version To get it you have to join group http://vk.com/mine_imator Sign up for my chanel http://www.youtube.com/MrTomDreamer
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLhxMkhj_ww Please subscribe for more!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZSUVyWYlKI
  10. My Art

    Join in the Russian group on Mine-Imator http://vk.com/mine_imator
  11. My Art

    My first art
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