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  1. 6 Ways To Help You Manage Your Time

    Actually, this is my content. This is my voice, I animated the video and put it on youtube. What makes you think this isn't mine? This is the random video section, any appropriate videos are allowed, as far as I am concerned. If you think that these kind of videos just don't fit here then at least deliver the message in a nicer way....please. (I hope I don't sound like a ****) I am a small youtuber, who wants to promote his videos. That means I am learning. The other videos I put up here actually got positive feedback, but since this escalated quickly, I won't post here again. Thank you for your feedback. That would be awesome!
  2. 6 Ways To Help You Manage Your Time

    Because this is a random video section and pretty much every appropriate video is allowed here and I want to get my videos out to a bigger audience.
  3. 6 Ways To Help You Manage Your Time

    I am not sure what you mean
  4. 6 Ways To Help You Manage Your Time

    Time is valuable. Period. With that being said here are 6 tips to improve your time management!
  5. "Feel Warm"

    Holy cow, that looks amazing! I especially love the lighting!
  6. Everything looks good, except for the stone. They are too round to be realistic. Just try making them rougher!
  7. Garden |4k Vibrant render|

    This looks AMAZING!! The only thing that bothers me, is that there is water coming out of leaves on the right side. But other than that PERFECT!!
  8. "Hold on" |4K Cinematic render|

    I don't know if it's just me, but I can't see anything except the light rod. Try to make it a bit brighter and I am sure it will look cool!!
  9. Home (2k)

    Damm that lighting! This is awesome man! Would have been cool if the crafting table was 3D, but other than that...PERFECT
  10. My favorites are #1 and #9! AMAZING job man, they all look really good! I like your style. But while it is minimalism, a little more detail would be nice

  12. Regrets - 4k + Speedart

    Yes, I noticed, but I still cant figure out that he regrets something...
  13. Regrets - 4k + Speedart

    It really looks good! Buuut, if I hadn't read the title I would have no idea why he is so sad. An image should speak for itself. This does look really cool, just try to add more "story" to it
  14. It's Been A While

    It looks better without the edit to be honest. Tip: Add a ground to the scene. Right now, I feel like they are floating in the air. But other than that, I LIKE It!
  15. "The Six Sides" Episode 1: The Fall

    Holy moly, this was AMAZING. Allmost everything was perfect. Only the lighting and the walking weren't so good sometimes, but other than that PERFECT
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