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  1. Coming soon...

    Are the cubes on the model shown on the image can be animated or keyframed or it's just like a chest on a scenery
  2. "Quietness"

    Jos' Realistic renders + Menace's Cinematic renders
  3. Coming soon...

    This is great now I can remake some rigs like the xenomorph rigs that I've created in the past
  4. Non-Edited Edited DYK the whole scenery itself has 29 million useless blocks so yeah
  5. Judge Me #1 (4K)

    Posing: 8.5/10 Expression: 8/10 Lighting: 1.5/10 Scenery: 5.5/10 It's like what everyone says the night lighting is way too bright so yeah
  6. Dawn | 4K Vibrant render|

    Does this look better?
  7. Dawn | 4K Vibrant render|

    Is it the non-edited or both?
  8. Dawn | 4K Vibrant render|

    Non-edited Edited Another one
  9. peace

    It looks so damn good
  10. Queen Xenomorph Rig

    Sure just don't claim it
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