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Dev update #21: "The Anniversary Update"

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17 minutes ago, ZackuALV said:

Well i need to ask this.

You will update Modelbench too?

What about integrate Modelbench and Mine Imator into a Launcher?🤔


You can make two buttons for the launcher:

+New Animation 

+New Model

Well thats the idea idk



Yeah. Nice to keep it simple, But Maybe doing this may causing the Re code of the whole entire Programs. I guess. So Just keep it like this how it is.

Anyway, Quick Tip!

Shift + Enter to avois jumping lines.   

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Wayae wayae.
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8 hours ago, MasterJediJoe10 said:

Well.... That looks fantastic. specialy the new bleed light but....i notice the new UI and... it looks very much like ModelBench. Does it mean the customization will be as limited as MB, or MI will still be as customisable as is it ?

It is the evolution of the UI design introduced in Modelbench, and as such it'll retain the same customization options. It may not be as thorough as current versions of M-I, but it's a lot faster to customize and you'll still get to pick a custom accent color for important UI elements like buttons, titles, etc.

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This is actually really cool! Really like the new features, they are amazing. Especially the Markers, Better lighting, And the style as well.

But just 2 things to ask.

1. Will this effect current version(1.2.8) rigs, projects and keyframe files? (because you are going straight to 2.0.0)

2. Will the software also have the ability combine duplicate resources into 1, like loading a rig into a project that has a rig with the exact same model file but different appearance in terms of skins and objects? 

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On 8/23/2021 at 5:06 PM, LordKillo said:


You remind me of dream


On 8/23/2021 at 5:00 PM, Nimi said:



Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last dev update, and I'm sure you have questions about the update and what's taking so long, so let's start with answering that.

What's taking so long?

In the previous dev update, I mentioned that I was working on "Inventory", the new UI for Mine-imator. This ended up taking a while to finish and pushing back when I planned to start on optimizations for rendering. I've since finished optimizations and now wrapping up any final graphical features for the update.

A change of plans

As many of you know, the "Caves & Cliffs" update for Minecraft has been split into two parts. This delay in the second half of the update will give me more time to further refine the update and improve areas where the program lacks, like animation. This of course will result in a delay of the update into next year, Mine-imator's 10th anniversary.

The Anniversary Update

With this new delay for the update going into Spring 2022, I've decided to rebrand the next major update from "Mine-imator 1.3" to "Mine-imator 2.0: The Anniversary Update". With overhauls to graphics, UI, and eventually animation (🤞), both david and I believe this update is deserving of the 2.0 title. I can't say for sure what new features will be coming in the next coming months for the update, but I'm sure the update will be worth the wait.

W.I.P. feature gallery

It would be pretty cruel to end the update with nothing to show, especially with how long its been since the last dev update. So here's some early previews of what's in store. Do note that things are still subject to change in development and the following may/may not be final. 🤔

  Reveal hidden contents




The timeline is receiving plenty of quality-of-life upgrades, including the ability to color tag, hide, and search for timelines.


In addition to better timeline organization, you'll be able to add markers to better track events in your animations.


I never expected the limited "Light bleed" feature to get so popular, so I've decided to replace it with a new, proper subsurface scattering system that offers far more customization with the effect. Values can be animated and inherited, though that'll mean you'll need to re-add the effect to your creations.




That about wraps this dev update up, I doubt anyone was hoping for a delay on the update, but I hope these exciting announcements offer plenty of hype for what's still to come!

I was planning on switching from mine-imator to blender but i've changed my mind

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21 hours ago, The Gaming Floodkid said:

Does this mean the lighting system will be closer to a software like, Blender, SFM, Cinema4D, ect. I know it won't be exactly, but will it make the lighting look more realistic?

More like.


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On 8/24/2021 at 1:35 AM, Kwazedilla said:

having been here since almost the very beginning, it's amazing to see mine-imator progress from a simple program for making tf2 animations to this powerful application beloved by many. godspeed, nimi & crew

And im still making tf2 animations lol


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Can we get "infinite clouds"? As it stands, clouds disappear when you travel too far away from a given point, which is not too far. It sort of skips all of a sudden.

I would still like to see a way to have the Camera and audio timelines visibles since I place keyframes always around these timelines.

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