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Introduce yourself!

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hi Imy name is Abdul Qadeer (aka) AQ Iam from America but for 10years I was in egypt  and i am 10years old


I am very friendly

I love minecraft and free fire 

and I got 10 kills on free fire

No really I did live in a foggeren country my hole life but now I live I America thankfully.  

And I love to help.

I am also in hell ok just taklin to you guys and anubis and hades. bye

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I should have introduced my self a long time ago.

My name is Voxhel (voxel),

owner of the youtube channel named FOXY TOONS/FTP (Foxy Toons Productions.

I create multimedia content such as animation, gaming, reaction videos, m e m e s, etc.



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On 1/14/2021 at 7:21 AM, Jsan said:

Hi, I am a former member in this community way back in 2013. I go by the name ColdlyLaughs way back, I was 11 years old back then, I am now 19. 8 years after I find my way back into this community. I feel so nostalgic, time really flies. 

Welcome back dude! :D

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On 2/6/2021 at 12:23 AM, AllenJohn - AJ said:

Hi! I'm Allen john, I'm from philippines.
I love making renders and experiment stuffs on mine-imator, i'm not good at animating stuffs tho 😕  

And yeah! I'm 16 years old! i'm turning 17 on october 31 :D<3 

31 of October? spoooooky

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Hello there! I'm MultiIdiot.

I got Mineimator out of being bored, and now I'm addicted to it. My favorite genre is Alternative. (Indie)

I don't only play Minecraft. I like to play Garry's Mod, Roblox, and sometimes Runescape too.

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Hello everyone!
I am ItsBluefindude, I do speed arts on youtube.
My location is Nepal, somewhere in the north west region.
Doing speed arts is my hobby, plus you can ask me for any type of help, also my discord is ItsBluefindude#7134

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I'm Lyzander Mixers

A teenager Minecraft Animator.

I've started animating since 2017 and started on YouTube on December 25, 2019. I mostly inspired to CaptainSparklez, Sharpwind, Rainimator and some animators that inspires me a lot. I guess that's all for now thank you :)

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Hi, my name's Fish. I've actually been using Mine-imator for quite a long time; I just was using the trial version and only knew how to animate. I've only posted one animation on my channel, which is a badly animated Bye-Bye meme. I've gotten the hang of animating fingers and faces, but I'm still having trouble making cinematic camera movements. I've just started work on my MGB series, and I hope to make it worthwhile.

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I've never actually posted an introduction on the forums before So I guess now would be a good time lol

Hi! I'm Connor.
I began using Mine Imator in 2015 after finding it after TrueMU/Minecraft Universe made a video on it. And I have used it ever since.

I usually create Short Animations, And fairly random renders and models.
Most people probably know me from my "RTX in Mine Imator" Render I posted a couple months ago where I used a mix of manual baked Light Bouncing, and PCSS, Or my recent render dump.

My main inspirations are/were mostly; @/SKIBBZ, @/Jnick, and @/Hozq.

Mine Imator is no program, Its an experience, And I've made a lot of wonderful friends through it (I also met my boyfriend of almost 10 months thru it lol), So if your new, Keep pushing, You'll be as good as the top users one day, And you'll meet a lot of wonderful people along the way.

Thank you for reading, Have a nice day!

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Forgot to post my introduction here

Hi! My name is Walts
I'm from Taiwan
My main profession is an illustrator, while my second profession is an VFX analyst

My usual hobby is drawing
I usually create my work using Photoshop and Clip Paint Studio

As for the MineImator part, I'm using this software since 2016
My first work involving this software was a Creeper being exploded towards my OC
After that, I'm improving fast enough
So yeah I'm definitely not a newbie :D

Right now, my main focus on this forum is to suggest and encourage people to try something unusual
And probably, making any contributions to the MineImator development teams

Thank you for reading
And also thank you so much for welcoming me into this forum
Have a nice day, and always thinking outside of the box :)


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Oh I forgot to Introduce myself

I am Fox Miner Mining Foxes in my free time

I'm not really an Animator on Mine-imator since my PC is **** but I make Rigs and Backgrounds

If there are some small animations that my PC could handle I might do it, but for now i just stick to Modelling nad Rigging

My newest Project:


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Greetings users of the forums. Who am I? Well I'll keep my name, date of birth and other secret info to myself.

However, I will tell you that I was born in a state in which palm trees and beaches are present. My interests consists of drawing, modeling, and animation (typical stuff)
I use to play video games 24/7, but now since I realized that I was better at more artsy stuff rather than gaming, I started to turn away from games and dipped my toes in computer animation and modeling. Can't say that I'm an expert at everything, all I can really do is learn and try.

Some other info about me, is that I detest horrible content, that leans more over to quantity rather than quality. (MS, Intros, and other horrid content that gets a lot of views)

I choose this name (XxCherryBlossomxX), because I like the Sakura, also known as the Cherry Blossom. It's a pretty tree that blossoms in the spring.
(And I suppose that I like cherries..)

That's all to me, really


Just an ordinary user. That's all to it.


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I'm Dai-chan(that's not my real name) I loooove cookies and I joined on March. I love Minecraft, cats and animating. Animating is now my hobby.
I don't really have a lot about myself to introduce but i'm happy to. E:XEWQsaA.png

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Hello everyone, real name Antoine. Minecraft came to the game world by accident. I saw how my nephew creates unimaginable landscapes, new worlds on the old xbox 360 game console. After that, my interest in Minecraft increased many times and now I am here. And in general, I also like other computer games for example The Witcher, GTA, Mafia.

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h e n l o

My username is Jadey M, but most people just call me Moyai Man (y e a h). Anyway, I'm not really a Minecraft animator, most into a Stick Nodes animator. Anyway, I joined this forums in early 2021, but I started to be active here around May 2021. Anyway, the other details, I don't know.
By the way, I was born in 2005. July 24th is my birthday.

Animations, memes, history (especially if it's related to the both world wars), music.

Being stupid in serious situations, and other things.

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Hey everyone, here's my introduction below!

My name is clyde but most people call me artist cuz I just like that name, I do artwork to support myself/keep up my food supplies lol, I think mineimator is a cool animator tho, I've been using it for 2 years now and I had great experiences with it. Keep up the good animations bois!

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