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  1. I haven't really made a rig in a while, so i decided, why not make something hard, something challenging, something detailed, and so, i decided to rig something from fad, SpringTrap. Spring Trap.. I searched up spring trap on google and i got something different.. why did he call that animatronic springtrap? SOO Before you go and tell me that your sick of fad topics, please, i already know that. but i really used a lot of time in it, so i don't appreciated if you hate my rig because it's fnaf I would say i spent around 8-10 hours on it, and i'm really proud of how it turned out. Oh and i forgot to mention, if you don't know who SpringTrap is (for some odd reason) Well SpringTrap is one of the Animatronics in fnaf3, His basically the only animatronic that can kill you. Weird to call him SpringTrap, I guess his a trap, for the purple guy, oh wait.. spoilers... oh heck, everybody should know that from now...
  2. Hello to everyone, now I come with a new animation, I think it was difficult to think what animate, but while Iwas doing the animation I was thinking new ideas , So here is ,I hope you like it Dont forget to put a like comment and suscribe to my channel if you liked it tell me your opinions (: By bye my friends n_n
  3. Disclaimer: All of the textures that these models use are made by the glorious Fnāf universe mod team. (sorry for not crediting before) Check out some other stuff that the people on that team have participated in. (it's pretty cool!!!) Sorry to @XxxTheRedrocker95xxX and everybody else on the team for not crediting before. Hey everybody! So a day or two ago I uploaded a golden frēddy model. Now that I've made that I've kinda gotten into a mood and can't stop making Fnāf models, so... Here you go. This pack includes: Frēddy, Golden frēddy(standing up), Ignited frēddy, Spring bōnnie, and Springtrap. Images: Note: In the image of springtrap, the holes in his suit are outlined in white. This goes away when he is put into video/when put into an image, and is replaced with a black fade, which is more appeasing to the eye and does not at all look out of place. My guess is that this is a problem with inserting images into the forum. Here is what it actually looks like: Downloads: Frēddy: Here! Golden Frēddy (standing up): Here! Ignited Frēddy: Here! Spring Bōnnie: Here! Springtrap: Here! And as always, have a nice day!
  4. fad rigs http://www.mediafire.com/folder/vcvrcirhecp1w/fad_3_rigs hold up let me upload the umage
  5. I need this rig for an animation but I just can't find it. Can somebody send me a forum post or a download link for this rig?
  6. Francisco Pizzaro the Fox rig! this includes: Movable jaw, Movable eyes/pupil, Movable ears, hook, movable eyepatch! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ww5kdopir1m2el/Foxeh%27s+Francisco Pizzaro+rig.zip#39;s_Foxy_rig.zip ">http:// arr im a pirate! ">http://
  7. I made some guitars for my Bon. models. I plan to finish the canon animatronics as well as FNaC and TJoC animatronics soon. As of now I have Game 1 finished, 2 from Game 4, 1 from SL, and 1 from Game 3. I had All of Game 1, 2 [Except BB and mangle], and 4 and some from 3 and SL but I hated my older models so I'm remaking them but I like I said I made some guitars so I wanted to show em off with a random render I made.
  8. I made these first 2 to test the flexability of the rigs. Also, I was bored. Stuck Here to Decay: (fad 2 Clyde Teaser, what happened to Old Clyde) I hope you enjoy!!! (BTW, sorry if not that good. I'm a bit of a noob.)
  9. Well, i'm testing my own Springtrap Rig so i made this.
  10. Hello, this is for my images featuring my characters for 'Colourful Fright' Just a fun series of edits |) ----- General Rigs are made by Mr Darl Furniture, aka Miscellaneous Rigs made by EthanForeverAlone Dolly Rig and Skins by Myself [Nerdpaw] All images / Gifs by Myself [Nerdpaw] ----- Purps Redd Dollys
  11. I promise you, no jump-scares! Honest. However the original game does have them however. http://youtu.be/Sj-kiAK_Dkk 2 days of work and my first finished Mineimator animation/video.
  12. Hello everyone, I wanted to start this series for a moment already. Since I'm a fan of fad, I thought that it wouldn't be so bad if I do a comic series on it. I've already planed my storyline and this series will get away a little of the scary side of the original game. So I hope you will like it guys, enjoy! Next part:
  13. Android Rig 2.0 Compatibility update Sorry for making a whole new post just for this, but the other post was just junk. Hello again and welcome TO MY LAIIIR. Well, there we go.... It's my rig. Use fully editable item sheet, that means YOU CAN RETEXTURE IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU Download soon ! Still have to add a Plug so it'll be 100% scientifically accurate and explainable. And some 3D stuff, why not. I figured out how to do. Don't forget to if you do, and most of all, stay awesome ;D Download ! Read the How-To Carefully ! Don't open the File directly !
  14. I pretty much just took his other models and threw them together to make this, because of course the forums needed this. (Don't sue) Download - http://raddevvan.comuv.com/Toy Francisco Pizzaro.zip
  15. What was gonna be a short fad animation slowly turned into a big project and im very happy that i finished it. If you want to use it in your own animation please give credit to maker. The f.n.a.f animatronic rigs belong to Mr. Darl http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/29714-fad-all-animatronics-rig-update-textures-again-and-cupcake/ NOTE* if you want to use this map keep in mind IT WILL LAG and im not sure if it mine-imator or my toaster computer. Download: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mine-imator-fad-map/
  16. Hey everyone i am New here. i request for a fad Texture pack for an animation, so can anyone please direct me or make me a fad texture pack, i would give credits to the person who made it for me and others might use it... and thanks for sending me to a fad texture pack link I'm not lazy I'm actually bored of looking from all pages all i found are skins and texture packs not any from fad so it's my first time posting so please help me.
  17. Previous part: Next part: Credits: - Animatronics skins © Emeraldschemer - fad © Scott Cawthon
  18. Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum so hello Welcome to the first video in my new minecraft machinima horror series based on fad. This is the first episode in a new Minecraft horror machinima series I am making. I have combined my love of gaming (especially Minecraft), and my love of machinima to make this video. It is my first attempt at making a video in a very long time and I hope you like it. I would really like any constructive or even non-constructive feedback, it will all be appreciated haha, any way I can improve please let me know!! (I am sure there are too many to count!). Just a small warning; there are some jump scenes and scares in this film, along with flashing images (whether or not you find them scary is subjective I guess haha) however I thought I should warn viewers to be prepared anyway!! I built everything you see in the video from scratch and even made my own texture pack, so I hope you get at least some of the enjoyment from watching it, as I did from making it enjoy!!!!
  19. Hey Guys So Right Now I Am Animating A Thing For Youtube And Have Just Finished The Script Which Has 295 words 1600 characters And So Once It Is Animated I Will Post It Here And On Youtube (Yeah I Just Made This Post To Have A Thread About Something) So Yeah The Main Plot Of It Is The Tardis Crashs In 1987 , The Baggins (My Version Of The Doctor) And His Companion Bacon Are Stranded In The Pizzaria With The Animatronics And Must Survive The Night And What Ever Else Evil Lurks Within
  20. Yes, this is a f@d copy game... Again. But this time, the characters are from the MineImator community! Using scratch, a new game has been created... I'll post the updates here The game will be free and downloadable as an exe file. You can post your ideas and suggestions down below
  21. It's not perfect at all. I think i have to look for rigs.
  22. I love doing these, hope you like it, I think this is the best Wallpaper I have ever made, you can use this but don't say you made it. I also made this, it isn't 5K but its awesome still took about 10 minutes to make the last image, though the first one took about 1 hour because i had to go out and take a picture of a wall New Animatronnic picture, OMG i love these, (bdw start brightening up some stuff) Animatronic Rig Maker Forum : also first reply will get an HD photo of their skin (if you don't post your skin you will not get it )
  23. I've been looking around the forums for some fad rigs but all of them seem to be for the 1.0.0 demo and I can't install it properly, I have installed the latest version of mine-imator but there seem to be no fad rigs for it. Could someone give me a link to one (if there are any).
  24. Heyaa! Me again with another animation.. This one is a f@d one. It's short because it's just a filler because of 2 long animations I'm working on. Hope you like it. Also this was inspired by GasCreeper. Thanks to Darl for Springtrap and Francisco Pizzaro rigs. Thanks to GasCreeper for the office/textures. Also consider Subscribing or liking the video if you enjoy it
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