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Found 9 results

  1. Francisco Pizzaro the Fox rig! this includes: Movable jaw, Movable eyes/pupil, Movable ears, hook, movable eyepatch! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ww5kdopir1m2el/Foxeh%27s+Francisco Pizzaro+rig.zip#39;s_Foxy_rig.zip ">http:// arr im a pirate! ">http://
  2. All the rigs are done! They are working and looking decent, i'm still going to improve them to see how good i can make them, so.. WIP rigs, but i think the new Clyde looks good! so his still going to look like this, but la Niña and Mike, still needs work, well, as you saw in the title fad 2 Title Screen Remade [Wallpaper] You are probably expecting a Wallpaper, and not me rambling about how i need to improve them, soooooo here ya gooo Hopefully you like it! and one more thing.. um what should i rig next? I have made a poll, so check that out! Extra Pictures
  3. I am new here, and I came to present my project "fad 2 animatronics rigs" is virtually a copy of Steve rigs, but with the skins of animatronics, the project now has the animatronic have eyes and eyebrows for messing the will, more improvements are coming, and also there is much here on the site that I do not know how to write that has spoiler, but not knowing how to put more on his side, still learning a lot here. Images: necessary __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://www.mediafire.com/download/tg4fk3b1vmjzv2w/RIG%27S+fad2.zip <<< DOWNLOAD
  4. Here I will post all my fad 2 Rigs, not wallpapers, but rigs, that will mean, i will still make different fad Topics for wallpapers, but the rigs, are here, if you want the rigs, you can follow to see the new rigs, I'm making this so I got all the rigs in one place, and so the fad haters don't need to see lots of fad topic from me Edit: NOT GIVING OUT THE RIGS ANYMORE AIGHT? it's that basic. Here's the rigs you can choose from. Toy Mike Reference: Toy la Niña Reference: Toy Clyde Reference: Withered Clyde Reference: The Puppet Reference:
  5. I pretty much just took his other models and threw them together to make this, because of course the forums needed this. (Don't sue) Download - http://raddevvan.comuv.com/Toy Francisco Pizzaro.zip
  6. Here's Marionette/The Puppet/jack in a box i don't think there is any confirmed name yet. Here it is! He was very easy to make, and i didn't put that much detail on him. Credits to Legoskeleton for the skin!
  7. fad 2 is just coming up for christmas! and i got inspired to make a rig based on the fad 2! hopefully some of you will like it, i know theres a lot of People getting sick of it, but, im not, and hopefully people will appreciated my effort! What is fad 2? Five Nights at Mike 2 is basiclly fad, you surivive the night, but Five nights at Mike will be taking place, around our time, where thing will have gotten a better upgrade, and the animatronic will have been change with new once, still scary though. this picture contains to of the characters that will be in fad 2, The old Clyde, the old Clyde is Malfunctioning, and was supposed to be replaced by the new Clyde, the new Clyde is basically a better, and more kid friendly, but not in this game What is added to the rigs - Movable body - Movable Jaw - CAN BEND (only the new Clyde) - Movable Arms - Pretty much what a steve can do Here's the trailer that inspired me to make this! Picture was inspired by this picture I made a poll if people are still interested in this...
  8. I just had to make this, this was what i actually wanted to to first, but i ended up doing something harder (that's what she said) Anyways, hope everyone likes it
  9. Hello everyone, Scott Cawthon just released the trailer of the sequel of the well known horror game "fad". In this one, there will be some new features really exciting. I'm excited about it. Anyway, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVPONdZBh6s
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