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  1. Hi, it's been over a year.

    Where can I delete this account?

    1. Rollo


      Just don't use it ever again and it has the same effect.

    2. tditdatdwt
  2. Devin Manning

    [1.0.6+] AlexanderExodius Style Toy Fox.y Rig

    it pretty much died on this site, but else where it's still very active.
  3. Devin Manning

    [1.0.6+] AlexanderExodius Style Toy Fox.y Rig

    A great example of why FN4F related words shouldn't be censored. It was a funny joke, but the long term effects could be a problem (until FN4F dies... which doesn't seem like that's going to happen any time soon).
  4. I pretty much just took his other models and threw them together to make this, because of course the forums needed this. (Don't sue) Download - Francisco
  5. Devin Manning

    Fredbear Family Dinner Simple rig (Mine-Imator 1.0.0)

    Most of us wish it did... but because of F.N.A.F. World it's still alive
  6. Devin Manning

    [WIP] Papyrus Rig

    This might be shocking, but You can like more than one game (series) Simply play Undertale, nobody is forcing you, just like nobody is forcing people to like FN.AF... well besides you
  7. Devin Manning

    Mr. Brent Becomes a Man Probably

    I think the JPEG mustache was a good touch. Story to where I got inspired from.
  8. Devin Manning

    Picture My New Gaming Setup +Cat

    Okay... although I thank you for your input on it, I won't be changing it anymore (My room had to be rearranged for the new layout of the setup)
  9. Devin Manning

    Picture My New Gaming Setup +Cat

    None taken, it's a pretty bad setup but i'm working with what I have (Money is lacking for me atm)
  10. Devin Manning

    Picture My New Gaming Setup +Cat

    Because I haven't posted a topic in what... several months... almost a year? IDK, anyways, here's a new Topic! My Gaming Setup and yes, that's a cat (Sorry for the Blur, had to use my DSi Camera since my phone and 3DS went missing) I had all this junk lying around and decided "why not make this into a gaming setup" and then this happened
  11. New Opinion on FN4F World

    It's a bare bones RPG that is as boring to replay as Night 1 on any of the FN4F Games... your begging for something to happen on that night.

    It's not worth your or money, I advise you to stay away from it, it's not worth it and no amount of patching and updating can fix it

    1. MrDonoB


      "It's not worth your money."

      Isn't it free now?

    2. Devin Manning

      Devin Manning

      It isn't even worth THAT much

  12. So i'm 15 now... I'm growing a mustache too... so that happened

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ocelot


      Ah, don't you boys have it so difficult? 8D 

    3. Devin Manning

      Devin Manning

      Everyone has it difficult in different ways 

    4. Ocelot


      I suppose so. Trust me, peach fuzz is a blessing though.

  13. Devin Manning

    Mine-imator 1.0.6 source code

    I can't code, but running the source in Game Maker might lower the crash count. Thank you The Glorious David!
  14. Devin Manning

    An Okay Looking thing [GIF]

    In my eyes, this is okay... it's nothing special
  15. I just noticed i'm still using 1.0.4

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