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Found 32 results

  1. so this is kinda neat https://www.mediafire.com/file/1vn4s4yopbjsxt6/Computahmodel.mimodel/file (also the table is part of my upcoming first [finished] animation [and it is a fad])
  2. MikTRF

    3 more A R T

    Hello my fellow Earth beings I made 3 more drawings. Vapormon: Final destination vapor: Random slime dood: Can I get some of that *click* noice ideas to improve.
  3. quentin789


    FOR DOWNLOAD HERE here !! Thanks for download For the image click here . BlueWalltm
  4. WHAT HAPPENED TO Mine-Imator?! It crashes every time I am trying to add armor rig (armor.mani), am I doing anything wrong?! :v
  5. TheRurined

    War Hammer

    note:this is my very first rig so i do expect criticism in the comments pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/n8Yfs https://imgur.com/a/xfffg download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/80g78f7v78rcs4a/War Hammer.rar
  6. It's probably the WORST thing you will hear in a long time. Here. (NOT YOUTUBE)
  7. I need some help because whenever I render one of my animations, there are always lines through it, and it doesn't look that great.
  8. So I decided to work on a fight animation and I lost inspiration in it when I was working on it . The animation had no storyline and a bad introduction to the battle so I decided to scrap it. I'm not going to continue to animate this animation. I will work on a better and much more planned animation since I was pretty disappointed with it, but I'm gonna post it anyways for it to not go to waste . Skins used: @DigitalEvorian @Deminu
  9. This is my first animation without anything Undertale related , but it's my 3rd animation overall. I still have trouble making the movements look smooth and problems with the speed in my animations. So I hope you like my animation :D. Don't judge it to harshly, I'm still a beginner :C.
  10. I recently made an intro animation, but some of the editing is off. The main problem is the fade is too soon. I will fix this when I actually use it for videos. I don't really need feed-back, but if you want to give some helpful criticism, I'm fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ-aJXKTQHQ
  11. [4K] I don't know why I decide to choose that name... It isn't really that great. I think Programs used: Mine-Imator Story: The Eyes of the death are... I think it isn't good enough. Oh, don't forget to kick that button | V
  12. [4K] Sorry for about everything that you waiting... About my Collab, Collab and Rigs... I'm too tired for this... ( 1 July, it's Thailand's Scout day ) Programs used: Mine-Imator / Sony Vegas Story: This is the long story, now spoil! Credit: Scout's skin made by me. That scenery is speed building on MI, no for download (Maybe) Fun Fact: That ray is real, and it's hot. I said? Thailand is hot ;^; and that why I'm faint Please kick that button, it would help me get motivation and alot. | | | | V
  13. Yep There is a Bad Version of ME!! (OH CRAP) expect a fight animation for it soon The MobEnderBrine!!! Backstory: Herobrine Was Making Clones of All of us and it was going perfectly until A Enderman Fell into the Cloning Machine with My Character While Herobrine was trying to pull them out he fell in also Then the machine turned on and it created this handsome monstrosity of a player. He has both Strength's and Weaknesses Strengths: Able to Control Mobs, Speed, and Fireballs also Teleportation Weaknesses: Since hes mixed with my character his good side can kick in at any moment He can easily die by knocking the fireball back into him or Either Stabbing I'm or Decapitating him His Teleportation powers only work half the time as sometimes he teleports into the nearest wall
  14. So i found out how to live stream both on YouTube and twitch!! Is it worth it to stream? Like what do i get out of it?
  15. warning: this post may or may not give ebola Disclaimer: This group is a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously. Hi welcome to our brofessional group Team Hatz. You thought team fedora and team fez were strong? They better watch out, we have more than just one hat! Our goal is to make as many wallpapers as possible. They must follow every single too. Confirmed members for smash 4: David Frossa Rummy Aronan ApplesBrony Dante from the Devil May Cry series My 4th grade teacher Emunator Mineupfast RedcapCreations GasCreeper leihrod ElvenShot GasCreeper again ZZZZane If you wish to ascend, join us. Only fancy hats of three kinds are permitted, no more and no less. All must go atop your head in any order, but must form a pillar of brilliantness.
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