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Found 15 results

  1. Vido ( https://streamable.com/seh5o ) what do you think ?
  2. https://streamable.com/xqop3 I made this for a collab that has not come out yet so if you are interested you can still jouin DISCORD LINK ( https://discord.gg/DtASv8 )
  3. I just finished this entry 2 minute ago!
  4. Hi Here my entry for the Creeper collab Here the My entry (Critizim or feedback would be very appreciated) bye
  5. Well, I was bored so I burned down the Madbox Animations Cardboard box and I did this too. Yeah, @Gam3rZLoung3, it's complete, lad. Interested in joining the collab?
  6. I haven't animated that much, in fact, I've only animated 5 times (in Mine-imator) before I created this To top it all off, I haven't even used Mine-imator in about a year and a half. EH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ K thanks Oh, any tips would be nice for future reference!
  7. Hello! Welcome! Today I have made a collab entry for Phariens Collab! You can find the collab here Here is the video entry! Leave feedback, and check out the collab to make your own entries!
  8. This is my first time trying to animate a stick figure in Mine-Imator .
  9. Alright so, i entered the oc wallpaper collab, and i have created my first good looking wallpapers ever, i wanna mention that they're where created with MI only, i just added text in PDN 'cus i like the fonts quantity. also i only used more than that in * feed me * where i used some paint to make the glow effect. with that said, here they are: so i mesed up with names but i hope nobody sees it. this is the unedited version of *feed me*: this is the final version, with the camera in FP (first person): this is the first entry i made, and as i said, it is completely vanilla MI, so the white/black background, well you know, vanilla blah blah a trick blah blah blah. also it is a remade of a wallpaper that was BAD AS HELL: and this is probably my favorite one, it shows off all my OC *versions*, since my main idea is that there's infinite universes where all kind of bruce's and friends can live: so thats it! i hope you give some feedback and tips, thanks for viewing!!
  10. I did something for @IAmOnlyMasada's Puppet collab. The result... CREDITS: The Puppet: @IAmOnlyMasada Toy Animatronics: @Darl Scenery: @Einshine Fan Animation: @KingHerobrine876 Music: Scott Cawthon Voices: @KingHerobrine876 fad Franchise: Scott Cawthon Sound effects are not mine and belong to their respective owners. Enjoy the animation, and yes, every bit of it is completely intentional.
  11. This is my entry for TheMinester's Collab, Epic Fail Collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZQGgyRu96U
  12. Agh, I'm too damn proud of this one! It can't be just a collab entry! I did in in about literally an hour, because of how little time I got to do this. So much work and so many chores (the awesome kind, though. Y'know, where you're ripping out bushes with a car). I got to use the attract feature on the particles, and it's an interesting feature. Goddamn, I love particles. And I would be more than happy to make another dubstep gun animation. Song: A Bass Renaissance by Josh Powell Collab:
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