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  1. This is is the peak of gaming. Not in graphics, not in fancy mechanics, but in experience. This is a time where gaming was more special, something more hard-earned. Oh, and just the fact that it's Pac-Man, and that overrides any of your opinions. I just got this rig into a presentable state last night, so I figured I'd go ahead and make something with it. The rig has some extra gimmicks that I'll show once I finish it up. For now, have some cozy Arcade Wallpapers!
  2. This was primarily made to test out my new rig, which is called YoshiHunter 3.0. But after how well this image turned out, I thought I would share it! (It is also my YouTube banner now XD) YouTube: (I know there isn't much difference between the two, but what the heck.) As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  3. Door to door selling, again... All the credits are in the description, except for the shotgun, which was made by @EnderSculptor. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  4. As if this hasn't already been done several times before.
  5. So I had a 3D animation class in school this year, and for our final project we had to make an animation ~3 minutes long. We use a program called Strata Design 3D, which is great for modeling but horrible for animating (in my opinion). Anyway, I asked my instructor if I could use MI instead, and that's how this came to be. The story follows Fire and his quest to play with his friends (Earth, Water, and Air) in the rain. I hope you enjoy, this video got me a 100% in 4th quarter. Criticism appreciated! (Just 2 notes, 1: there's no background music because I couldn't find any good
  6. Well, I ordered a weapon from @EnderSculptor a month ago, and it finally came in the mail! Let's just say I've got to get used to the knockback. In all seriousness thought, I would like to thank EnderSculptor for working on the KRISS Vector for me. If you would like to see more guns made by him, or request one, check out The Modelbench Armory: Texture Pack Used: - Name: Rodrigo's Pack 8x8 - Author: @Rodrigo_Al_ (twitter) - Download: planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/8x8-rodrigos-pack-pvp/ As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  7. Here is the title card for War for the Lawn. Consider it a teaser if you will. Unedited: Edited: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  8. Here is a little poster for my upcoming slapstick comedy short, War For The Lawn. Unedited: Edited W/O Text: Edited W/ Text As always, constructive criticism is appreciated. (And if anyone knows how to use those spoiler sections, please let me know. )
  9. again this is based off a thing I did with my boyfriend my boyfriend is sweet.......
  10. Hello there my name is Daniel i love Doctor Who and Minecraft so i made some rigs for Mine-imatior Here are the ones i released The TARDIS Download http://sonicdanielproductions.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/5/2/21522228/tardis.zip
  11. "The classic" This rig is inspired by the sniper rifle from TF2 called "The classic" Credits goes to; Valve Paint.net David Screenshots Sorry for bad screenshots. You can take a deeper look in Mineimator. DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/download/qqrlbb52js62j2m/theclassic.zip
  12. Hey guys! I made this small little image to share some counselor models I made. The counselors I've created so far are Tiffany Cox, A.J. Mason, Vanessa Jones, Jenny Myers, Kenny Riedell, Chad Kensington, and Brandon Jones. (Sorry if I spelt any of their names wrong.) The lighting isn't the best due to me sorta rushing on it. The main focus was the models, I'm unsure if I'll release them due to them not being the nicest models. I used @Keep on Chucking's face rig for all of them! Picture:
  13. So I was thinking "You know Foxtrot, You should do something different. Nah, you don't need to. Make another wallpaper!" So here. Un-Edited: Edited: No Music Notes: Piano Rig by @Mike
  14. Well, today is the first day of my beautiful... Summer Vacation. *Pff, Americans!* Anyway, I decided I would make this wallpaper to show off some of my (and Blox's) rigs! Here you are! Rigs: Deck Chair - Mooshim Cocktail - Mooshim Umbrella - Mooshim Sand Castle - BloxTheRigger That's right... There's a new rigger in town. ;u;
  15. W e l c o m e t o t h e T o r t u r e t h e S t i c k F i g u r e C o l l a b 2 ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview: After the Closing of the original Weapon Testing Facility, the former employees wanted to continue their research in finding the ultimate way to torture a stick figure. After a bunch of meaningless paper work, they were finally able to open Torture Facility Inc. So now, you hav
  16. Let me just say Miia is best grill......Now then let's move swiftly on I made this because IDK Miia rig @ViniciusbrMaster 0W0 mouth by paint.net oh boy the comments are going to be cancer
  17. Wrong House|2 Wrong House|2 has finally been finished. After over a month of compiling and upkeeping the entries and participants, it's done. Thanks to everyone who entered
  18. An Animation being worked on by DizzyProductions & Alinous
  19. So, I just watched the Spider-Man homecoming trailer, and saw the last scene. Iron Man, and Spider-Man both going off somewhere. Yay. @Cube Productions will probably still make a better wallpaper than me though. sadly this is always going to be the truth.
  20. I made this when I made my Master Sword rig. {go check that out, it's been out for liek 2 months} The only thing bad with this is that there's a sword on the Z. I made that wrong, and now I can't edit it cause the file is gone. ;-; totally not a teaser for anything
  21. Sup! I'm Pharien! [Closed] Welcome to the "Deep Sea Collab" [Closed] Overview: A father and a son are out at sea for a fishing trip. The son then looks down into the water and sees something extraordinary. The father then walks over to see what he is looking at. Then the camera pans down into the water and begins the collab! And so, in this collab, you have make something under water. It can be whatever you want: make someone drown, kill a fish, make an underwater sand castle, or get caught by a fisherman. whatever you want. Rules: Videos should be 5 to 20 secon
  22. Hey! This is the 2.0 from:The Evil - "Starless Night" Minecraft Animation Character Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sdifx5n6o3dfeda/AABE2qzWdhPSoyx9Stj4WwxIa?dl=0 Feel free to reply. plz i like that
  23. I've made a Batmobile, I've made Batman Beyond, and I've made a Lightsaber. All things based around technology. Now, lets travel faaaaarrr back into technology, and get something out of it. A SWORD! But, not just any sword, THE MASTER SWORD From, of course, The Legend of Zelda! !#@$ Modern Technology! IMAGES \/ Download \/
  24. Live with the Flow. ((Custom textures were used. Egg shoes))
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