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  1. Enjoy this new render I've made after what feels like months! I'm pretty new to using Highlights, so if you have any type of suggestion regarding Highlights, it would be really appreciated!
  2. Your only objetive: survive and probably the best idea you could come up in 2 minutes was a dirt house, now you just wait till the danger is gone... any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  3. With both accounts verified and the games installation done, two friends begin their journey on a Minecraft LAN world. They have lots of fun making torches and punching wildlife animals, but their safety is only temporary. The sun is setting, and at night, the vibrant block world becomes a very dangerous place. Out of a nearby cave stagger two braindead zombies, groaning and mumbling as their feet drag across the ground. It won't be long before the forest is littered with monsters of all shapes, and sizes. This one was a lot of fun to do. I don't do many Minecraft renders with Mine-imator, but I wanted to start learning how to do them properly, so here's one! I got a few criticisms over the skybox used, and that's fair! It's actually the same skybox I used in this render of Eve. It was going to be a daytime render, coming from the mouth of a cave, however I felt the composition worked better from further out of the cave, but then it started to look like they were walking in broad daylight. Of course zombies burn in the daylight, so that wouldn't work. I tried adjusting the coloration of the skybox, and it didn't work as well as I hoped it would. I'm keeping that one in mind for future renders. I'm still figuring out how lighting works and all, so please let me know if there's anything wrong or that could use some improvement! I want to hear your criticisms, that's the key to improving my work!
  4. Hey So this is my Fallout Vault dweller rig, it comes with a Pipboy... And thats basically it. Enjoy! No credit needed, just don't claim ownership. Oh forgot to mention the pipboy was originally made by @AmazingSpaceCat but he no longer is online or has the original rig besides me. Images: https://imgur.com/a/xhRjWTo Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3q7i7x733bfewfs/Fallout_vault_dweller_.zip/file
  5. Should I animate this into a series or just keep this like...well...this... Edited Picture (Just In-case I put this on youtube) Thumbnail:
  6. If you don't know what Skyblock is. You aren't really a true Minecrafter. It's kinda lonely in the sky. Y'know? Use it however you like. Just don't claim it as yours. kthxbye.
  7. We probably all know what a bonus chest is, but here is a picture in case you don't. so I gave it a shot as a wallpaper, and yes I meant to use steve. To represent survival.
  8. Earlier I Made A Little Sandstorm Image So, I Decided To Improve It. Something That This Second Version Has Improved On Is: More FX Bigger Desert Less Foggy Sandstorm, The Last One Didn't Let You See Anything Improved Tumbleweeds. A Bit Of Photshop A Little Piggy Trying To Survive The Sandstorm To Get Its Carrot... ;( I Hope You Like My Second Version!
  9. Random lightning for no reason. also, if you steal, I have evidence. Look ar the bottom right.. I THINK I might have overdone a few effects..
  10. So i thought about making a survival island wallpaper scene a few hours ago, so i pushed my M-I to the max by using gigantic scenery, a ton of particles, steve (of course.), a ton of blocks, and other stuff. none of the wallpaper is edited.. so without further ado, my Survival island wallpaper! http://imgur.com/vJk3sSl (Imgur does not allow me to post the actual picture, so do "For The Lazy" on me.)
  11. Here's my new survival games spawn https://www.mediafire.com/?0jf6fupz9407cp1 Screenshots:
  12. When the zombie apocalypse begins, and I am stuck in the middle of it, I will probably get cornered and have my face ripped off and eaten http://imgur.com/tZWuBW9 For some reason the picture won't show but you can just click on the link. Please?
  13. Aiman5625


    This is one of my "Realistic Minecraft" rigs Just use it but dont fishn steal it Download -->http://www.mediafire.com/download/i2qp219hr1bt5c1/Axes.rar
  14. Blitz is an animation series that i am currently working on. It follows the story of 4 heroes who unite from the corners of a shattered world. Jace Argus- The main character, he is an all rounded character with a strong will to survive and do what is right. In combat he uses a standard military sword until he discovers an object of greater power... Faith Alerius- A smaller girl who relies on quick movements and short reaction times to take down her enemies. She wields a single katana and can move, dodge and strike with intense speeds. Ryan Katsuke- A strong hearted guy who acts as the knight of the group. He is very brave and willing to fight to the end. Ryan uses an axe and a shield as his weaponry. Ghost- A mysterious character who refuses to tell the others his real name. Is he just shy? Or does he have something to hide.. Ghost is a stealth based character who uses an electronic sniper rifle as his weapon. He rarely misses. ------------------------------ The world is dark, ruined and on the verge of destruction. Ever since the dark awakening, creatures known as shadows have walked the earth, on the hunt for living humans. While retaining the intelligence of an average human, their goal is to hunt every last survivor. Good thing the surviving humans walled off their city to keep the shadows out... But shadows are not the only thing that trouble the survivors. A guild of fallen angels known as "the crimson" walk the ruins alongside humans. They use the city walls as a giant bowl to hold their food. The crimson ranks are made of blood knights and blood angels, both have a powerful taste for blood. ------------------------------ I will be releasing this animation in segments as i work on it. Here are some images i made for it (these do not actually occur in the storyline ) ---------------------------- Please comment your thoughts on the animation, as well as any ideas!
  15. Crafting table goooood bad https://youtu.be/FDIayNRcrfU
  16. Play survival with Steve! https://youtu.be/KMxQAcXEpHM
  17. Episode One is finally here! This is an ongoing series which i have planned the entirety of, consisting of a total of 15+ episodes (ill finish one every week or so!) OTHER POSTS: (3 teaser images) (trailer) Anyway guys, heres the animation! Enjoy and comment ideas / suggestions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPLYsWjdf28&feature=youtu.be
  18. Relax with the warm heat from the burning campfire under the sky full of stars.. Used Programs: Mineimator 1.0.0 Adobe Photoshop CS6
  19. My first Rp Story Rules No OP Don't argue with the owner, unless something is truly unfair or mean If you wanna permanently leave the RP, do it in a sensical way i:e killing off your character, leaving the group, etc NOTE: I might update/change these rules. Form Name: Age: Skills: Items/Equipment: Powers (super speed, strength, etc): How do you look like? Backstory (optional, but encouraged): My Form: Name: Ezile Age: 17 Skills: Stealth, agility, archery Items/Equipment: Bow, Diamond Daggers Powers: Can transform into a wolf, super fast as a wolf. How do you look like? My skin under profile pic. Backstory: Grew up alone , discovering his transformation power when he was 7, using this to hunt for food. Had no loved people who died of the meteor.
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