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  1. These are all that I got, enjoy. I might not appear on the forums for 9 days so, yeah. Have fun!
  2. It's kinda cold out there too!
  3. I'm not saying it's not art, I'm saying i want to set it on fire ! -Dedicated to a great duo of my childhood.
  4. Credits: Tree swing by @PigmanMovie Guitar by @CoLahaust (Just a side note that I cannot reply to your comments due to some technical problems)
  5. Feel free to give me feedback about Composition!
  6. 2 of rais's men on the roof looking at the sunset before the volatile's come out... Gasmask I used: Vest I used: Weapon I used:
  7. After exploring the deserted islands of the End you've found wings, which is strange as there is no birds in that dimension. Now would you look at you, flying pass the mountains while using fireworks as an engine. How did you get this idea anyways ?
  8. Car model: @Ghatos Reference image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AKGkz
  9. Air and Sea~ Rigs used: Vespur V6 - @ShadowUnicorn_Gaming Sea Horse - @SilinCrashTV Hope you all like it ^-^
  10. Hey Mine-Imators, this is my first render in a while and my first render uploaded to the forums. I used to use MI a lot back in 2017, but all I ever did was make bad renders for my old Skype friends. Ever since then, I haven't touched this program until recently, while I was trying to find a cool way to make 3D Clone Hero modcharts. For the first time ever, I decided to look at some tutorials on how to "git gud" and ended up producing this, which I'm really proud of. How'd I do?
  11. Hey again. I finally made another wallpaper for you all to feast upon. I accidentally made misty fog whilst making this wallpaper and thought it'd be a good idea to company it with a sunset. And with i little bit of Photoshop magic, bam, the finished product. \/unedited\/ Leave any feedback below as always and good day.
  12. This image is 3 renders with different lighting settings combined together , for the shadow scatter effect in the background, face lighting and for sharp shadows.
  13. Here's another wallpaper non-edited Credit to The Toyota Camry was made by me
  14. An upcoming 30-second animation for the collaboration I've joined in This is based from the game: Night In the Woods where Mae and Gregg hangout together in the woods ---Rig Credits:--- --Unedited:--
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