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  1. "Mweh Heh Heh!" - Swap!Sans Credits: Agentsecret24 - Mouth Texture Creeper2555 & ZeroMatic - OG Sans Rig Me - Underswap Sans texture and customization (and little bone)
  2. So, uh, I'm gonna make your Minecraft skin an Underverse character, or, something. This is the most random and stupid idea i've ever came up with, so I'll put the character designs here (all art by jakei) AGAJASHJASHJAS screw it all of them are on here https://imgur.com//ktOWiy1 choose who you wanna be i guess
  3. the rig is a bit flawed so i won't put a DL link yet + im still working on his shoes https://imgur.com/yYoOoVV ok
  4. Ima turn the other normal one into another AU of sans. I'm probably gonna release em when they're done. VHS!Sans rig based off of Teng1 Channel's VHS!Sans rig. Credits: i mashed up @Creeper2555, @Agentsecret24, and @ZeroMatic Sans rigs together.
  5. Yeah, I know this doesn't look like Insanity but that's because it's a take on him.
  6. *Insert a "me and the bois" meme here Sprites By XxFlameTVxX
  7. "DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO GREET A NEW PAL??" Rig by: Agentsecret24 (btw I know this looks like Wiki!Sans but it's NOT)
  8. I made these rigs. i mashed up @Creeper2555, @Agentsecret24, and @ZeroMatic's Sans rigs together. I forgor who made the facial rig but i think it was @SKIBBZ's. Inspired by: Teng1 Channel's Sans rig.
  9. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cwr8yx0vo1tltq5/Revert!Swap+Sans+Rig.zip/file Image: https://imgur.com/a/lkraHgl Enjoy! OG Sans rig maker: Agentsecret24
  10. https://imgur.com/DHrzaow OG Sans rig maker: Agentsecret24 Gaster Blaster rig maker: WECLEY AU's: Outertale!Sans, Killer!Sans, Finale for the Bonely One Sans.
  11. Hello there, this is my first rig that i made so if this rig doesn't work, tell me, ok including mouth i just too lazy to make a render, maybe then Credit? uh i don't really care about that so whatever note: import the .miobject not .mimodel download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ongkaaij7a1bty0/file
  12. Hello I haven't made a wallpaper in a LONG tiem so I decided "Why not an easy, about 40 mins to make, simple wallpaper of sans?" and thats What I did! Link: http://imgur.com/q6tv5n5 Credits - Rigs - sans - @Project Gaster Blaster - @Malaki_Animations mi lugu - @DigitalEvorian Software Used: Mineimator paint.net http://ianmccowan.nfshost.com/undertale/ Hope you like! I will probably make a 360 Sans wallpaper after. For those viewing before edit, PLEASE refresh
  13. Creeper2555

    SANS RIG 2.0

    Well.. this is my new sans rig, i made a new one because i think the old one is sooooo plain and i think maybe look better if i add a texture in this rig. DOWNLOAD Fixed ver. ===> Here
  14. Gaster Blaster rig by wecley Sans rig goes to @Fray
  15. This is my first public rig - Sans From Undertale, with a bone. For variety, I made two language versions, English and Polish. Skin used in rig: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/sans-3493961/ Download! — English Version Download! — Polish Version Enjoy! ?
  16. It's been a while But here i am with another rig! This time it's from Undertale, so let me introduce you to... Undyne the Undying Works well with Project's Sans rig Showcase: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kjpbcwzxxotjwv1/UndyingRi.rar
  17. (Hey guys please no HATE, I LOVE Undertale and this took hours to make, so please understand on others post such as this) (NO HATE...It Hurts) Toriel Rig: Me Asgore Rig:Me Alphys Rig:Me Sans Rig:(Note i edit the skin part of the rig) Papyrus Rig: Undyne Rig: Chara Rig: Me Flowey Rig: Mettaton Rig: iGreen
  18. Behold... Sans, from Underswap, recreated in Mine-imator for all of you fellas! I also included the Stary Eyes! This took 6 hours to make. and 100% because i fixed all the bugs Pictures: Sans Pose 1 Sans Sweating Oh and i also added some sweat Since i'm a nice guy i'll go credit some pals I would like to thank Creeper255 For making the Sans Rig And Also IAmOnlyMasada For the Papyrus Rig. To be honest. Without their rigs, This Rig wouldn't be possible. Thanks Guys For Making the Rig Warning! If you are gonna use my Rigs for Animation, Pictures, Etc Then It would be nice if you credit me. Download:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aajzjwn5xjlo4l1/AADNn3K7l_RmY0F9EKsjDA4_a?dl=0 Enjoy the rig and Happy Animating! This Rig Is the most fun rig i have ever made.
  19. ~Note the leading tag is undertale. Don't cry to me about,"didn't say it was undertale". Anywho- Heyah folks, I've produced another rig.... it's an undertale one, yes. "Cmon XLC, of all things, you chose undertale over F.N.A.F.? Wth man!" Wellllllll I've got to admit, it is kind of interesting now that I have other things to think about. No, I'm not going to pay all of my attention to this(probably), and yes, I will be attempting other rigs. Next ones being, probably the Gaster Blaster, Papyrus, and ofcourse, perhaps Gaster himself. Here's a bundle of images. Sans Rig for Mine-Imator. Somewhat basic rig, and it features: -Poseable Eyes -Poseable Mouth -Poseable Hands --Fingers -Poseable Feet ------------------------------------- All of the models featured here are downloadable on the following site, in File Sharing > Undertale Rigs http://themcnatural04.wixsite.com/dataworld I would appreciate it if you credited this model if you used it in your videos/image, but if you forget, that's fine. I won't stalk you for it. (Probably.) What is NOT acceptable is claiming ownership of this model, so don't steal it please. This is not request; it is an ultimatum. At any rate, I'd love to see what the users can do with this model. If you have any questions on use, requirements for use, or just how to do anything involving these models, you can use the following email: themcnatural04@gmail.com ~I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for viewing this rig, I hope the ones who wish to use it enjoy it!(It can take some getting used to, though)
  20. Sans rig by Robert Assassinations Hi, it been so long that i didn't touch Mine-Imator SO... I Hope you like it....
  21. so I also made this because I can...why am I more active the usual?
  22. Sleeping Test With Sans Just thought I needed to test! If there's anything that I (probably) missed, let me know! Thanks for the help guys!
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