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  1. Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and this is my new rig! But it's not just a rig. There is not one, not two, but THREE rigs in one pack! This rig pack is based off of the recent Godzilla movie only available on Netflix, "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters". This pack includes, Godzilla Filius, Godzilla Earth, and of course the Servum! I spent a lot of time making these three rigs and I'll appreciate that you use these rigs and credit me, you don't have to do this but it'll be much appreciated. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rigs I made! Take a look at the images of each and one of these rigs, use th
  2. Finally got around to doing some showcase renders of the Wall-E model. He was made entirely in Mine-imator, and I used paint.net to create the textures. Our internet was out for a while, so I spent around 4 hours or so gathering reference pictures of Wall-E from every possible angle, then used those images to model him within Mine-imator. it was a pretty fun little challenge! Eve is also here, you might've already seen some of the wallpaper renders I've made of her, but she isn't quite ready for a full showcase yet. I think they look pretty good together! This was one of the models that I'd pu
  3. This Valentines Day, Eve took Wall-E out to fly high above the ocean. After all, what better way to spend the day, than to be with your one and only truelove? For the record, I am not releasing these models as of yet, they are private. I have considered lending them out to certain people, but I'd like to get more features into them. I've been trying to learn proper lighting and animation, and this was one of the first wallpapers that I'd created! (Also yes, I know about the fog showing in the corner, lol) I'll be doing another proper valentines wallpaper later today, but I
  4. I started to think this because a youtuber called Yogaindo CR made a 360 video using mine-imator (in low render or something) because Mine-imator NOW. do not have something to add 360 mode (or something) so @david, @Voxy or @Nimi if your seeing this. why can you add something that can add to make 360 videos?????? is bullcrap!
  5. I Wonder, can Steve survive his First night or not? Well, Find out i guess.
  6. Sorry if i missed out some people, mine-imator crashed on me twice, and the first time really put me back... but i think i got everyone that asked to be in it, and it's 4k so those that wanted their shaded skins can see their shaded skins i 4k c: and yeah, i made this because i got 4000 likes, thanks! i guess, i mean, i appreciate more the feedback i get then the likes, but likes are always a sign you done good ^^ (btw i have stomach pain, that's why im holding my stomach)
  7. 3D Minecraft Text Model by @ShinyGHASTTear Model:
  8. Using the Old Logo design, I created a Productions Intro Like Marvel or Lionsgate to make something very unique to Mine-Imator. Once I get an Idea on how to use the new logo, I will make a new Productions Intro like Marvel. | Download Link Below | | Click on Image| ||| Be sure to credit me by using this Link in Description of your Videos. |||
  9. Five Nights at Freddys' might be oversaturated in the Mine-Imator community, but that won't stop me from doing my take on the animatronic bear. If you don't like FNaF, that's perfectly fine, you don't have to look at FNaF related posts, you have the ability to just not post on them and ignore them. Anyways, this is my take on a proper Freddy rig in Mine-Imator. He took a bit longer to do than I expected, primarily because several users in the discord servers pointed out some proportion issues. Once those issues are pointed out to me, it's like a mental oath that I am forced to sign that declar
  10. So I am trying to create a scene but for what ever reason the world segment wont load for anything even after restarting the software . I even tried loading segments from different worlds and still got nothing . Please help
  11. I know, I know. Corellion, didn't you already make an R2-D2 with all of the gadgets like, a long long time ago? Well, yes. Yes I did. A lot of people liked that one, but eventually I started to realize how inaccurate it really was, atleast to the R2-D2 seen in A New Hope. You see, The R2-D2 from A New Hope is the best design for him, in my personal opinion, and I wanted to keep true to that likeness. His colors, and details change throughout the movies, no R2-D2 is the same in any of the movies. That's why I wanted to make sure I got it right. Don't get me wrong, that R2-D2 is still a pretty n
  12. My first Minecraft Music Video that I made on my 2GB laptop lmao. This is the Music Video
  13. Went for something fairly simple, using a Freddy rig that I just finished. Springtrap was done by the talented @Mr. Darl, so all credit for that masterpiece goes to him. Nothing too fancy, just two fuzz lumpkins standing up against a black background. Oh well.
  14. Funny thing is, this was actually a political cartoon, and this is the render without the text. For clarification, It's R2-D2, in a burning unstable building, and he's holding up one of the collapsed support beams. I've gotten a lot of confused people when I shared this in the discords, so y'know.
  15. Hey animators, how are you? Well, today I came to announce my newest NEW MINECRAFT ANIMATION MUSIC VIDEO ♪ "Unstoppable" ♪ A Minecraft Original Music Video - The Fallen Guardians [S2 | E4] Synopsis: Gabriel will now have one more complication to solve. Erivan challenges Amezaga and Melody to a battle, which could change the fate of any of them. I hope you like it and say what you think (only constructive criticism, do not curse and be respectful)
  16. Hey guuys, my new animation has been released !!! I would like you to watch and say something that you think can improve, there are 5 subscribers left at this moment so I can get 1K subscribers, see and subscribe if you want to help me;)
  17. So with suggestions from my last video, I come up with this. I’m sure I’m not the first, very easy to setup mind you not so friendly on frame rate.
  18. I was scanning my computer earlier, and I got a notification saying a virus was contained. I checked out what it was, and to my surprise, it was Mine-Imator 1.2.7 (there goes my animation tools). According to one of my friends, it was due to Mine-Imator lacking an "internal certification". How do I use Mine-Imator without needing to reinstall it every time I scan my PC?
  19. Hi guys it's me. LacaMenDRY Here. Today I want to show you my Creation Of MB,and MI. This is How about: Inspired By:Polygon Runway. All Set Up Idea:Polygon Runway. All Furniture Designer:LacaMenDRY. Btw The Wide Screen Monitor Idea was From:Polygon Runway. Making Proccess: Took Me Almost 3 Hours Of Working,I want This to get into showcase. Go On,And Explore The 3D Model! http://www.mediafire.com/file/918bvjafaw9ur6l/2029+Elegant+Gaming+Setup+Room.zip/file AUDI A9 CAR RIG: CYBERDRONE RIG: from here we can see how much imp
  20. I don't know guys. If the list that I make is acceptable with Mine-Imator Engine which is Game maker. Si here it is the Idea for Mine-Imator Update: 1.IK features. 2.Reflections(I know it's impossible). 3.Follow Path Features. 4.Freely to move the object like Model Bench, which is we can move randomly, or Automatically XYZ. So we don't need to Move it Manually. 5.Can Import Selective Image, or Object at once. 6.Can Import Video footage into Mine-Imator. 7.Mouse Focus(That mean When you hover your mouse into something else
  21. Herobrine Rig By KoolkidAK32 Download : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/doqz5hzx94nrvhj/AACK0fz2Ri_c1SN0jF7WAZDwa?dl=0 Pics:
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