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  1. Link if you don't want to watch the vid: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/811287673347113011/897476368311410698/Alumio_Springtrap_Remake_4.zip
  2. Some Renders i did of the newest rig i did.A rig based off @Supah.exe Tall Funtime Suaph All render's by me. set and FT soup is by me the night guard belongs to Alpha Toast
  3. Five Nights at Freddys' might be oversaturated in the Mine-Imator community, but that won't stop me from doing my take on the animatronic bear. If you don't like FNaF, that's perfectly fine, you don't have to look at FNaF related posts, you have the ability to just not post on them and ignore them. Anyways, this is my take on a proper Freddy rig in Mine-Imator. He took a bit longer to do than I expected, primarily because several users in the discord servers pointed out some proportion issues. Once those issues are pointed out to me, it's like a mental oath that I am forced to sign that declares "Corellion, you must redo this model to exceed their expectations. It's not good enough!" haha. It's a good thing though, because it's leading me to fix a lot of my older models to look even better. Of course, it's also a huge curse, because it means I rarely am satisfied with my models, and they constantly sit around as a work in progress. I get stuck in an endless loop of seeing little details to add, or minor changes to improve it. Oh well. Enough talk. here he is.
  4. Stay hydrated! Freddo Model & Spring Bonnie: ShotU Toy Chica & Nightmare Foxy Rigs: Edit Team Saga
  5. Hello, I am thinking about making a Count The Ways animation but I don't know where or if there are any rigs of Count The Ways Freddy and his weird stomach, if anyone knows where I could get one I would appreciate if you could tell me where, or if you have one could you upload a download link??
  6. BEFORE you downvote, saying either; "F@#! u, y u post fad here?" or "It's unproportional!", allow me to explain it. And I know it's fad, I gave you a warning that it's fad! AND I know it isn't exactly proportional, and I'm sorry, but anyways, moving on! This is my f@d World Scott Cawthon rig! I did my best! Normal Scott: Scott Boss:
  7. Discaimer! For who hated or dislike Five Night at Mike's series, just LEAVE or never come here. I didn't blame you guys or anyone, this is the warning. And I hope everyone won't fight 'cause this nonsensed situation, Thank you. Welp. I do not know what to say but... download it if you want in http://www.mediafire.com/file/57qweye90nuhvex/Simple_fad_1_Charactor_by_9NOPE_User.zip/file Images:
  8. Here's are some cool wallpapers I made using the Fad rigs I've created in the last two days
  9. Here is some Renders i did trying to make a moon dark/Moody renders Vanny rig by me and @Phyre Glitchtrap rig by @anima cryses Map by me
  10. Credit to Hozq for the face rig and credit to chrislight for the eyelashes(original by AndyBttf).Credit to @Phyre for the original vanny rig that i updated
  11. Just wanted to animate some fad for fun, I'm most likely not gonna do any more. Edited in After Effects
  12. Hello forums! I'm back again. Just gonna drop these here and be on my way. ?
  13. howdy lads it been awhile isn't it you must have miss me nah jk you guys prob didn't even care ;c bUT HEY i made some new render while i was inactive on the forum so that a good thing right? here some of them: 1. Springtrap [Rig made by Jnick, got inspired from trainguy] [No edits, pure mine-imator] 2. The Twins [Pure mine-imator] [No edits] that it actually sorry if i haven't post anything in awhile, i forgot that this exist on the internet i swear i will come back with more actual quality render next time, but for now i hope you enjoys and i know it only 2 render shut up i need upvotes
  14. Disclaimer: All of the textures that these models use are made by the glorious Fnāf universe mod team. (sorry for not crediting before) Check out some other stuff that the people on that team have participated in. (it's pretty cool!!!) Sorry to @XxxTheRedrocker95xxX and everybody else on the team for not crediting before. Hey everybody! So a day or two ago I uploaded a golden frēddy model. Now that I've made that I've kinda gotten into a mood and can't stop making Fnāf models, so... Here you go. This pack includes: Frēddy, Golden frēddy(standing up), Ignited frēddy, Spring bōnnie, and Springtrap. Images: Note: In the image of springtrap, the holes in his suit are outlined in white. This goes away when he is put into video/when put into an image, and is replaced with a black fade, which is more appeasing to the eye and does not at all look out of place. My guess is that this is a problem with inserting images into the forum. Here is what it actually looks like: Downloads: Frēddy: Here! Golden Frēddy (standing up): Here! Ignited Frēddy: Here! Spring Bōnnie: Here! Springtrap: Here! And as always, have a nice day!
  15. Hi and this is my ANOTHER! fad rig(I think I am addicted at this point.. seriously.) at first I was not gonna post anymore fad things here but giving my rigs to other peoples one by one is kind of annoying so.. yeah.. sorry. and here's the pics. FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARIONNE DOWNLOAD - click here
  16. NITRO

    "Fad" gun

    This is a gun that shoots fads based off of bullet force the gun: the clips/magazine: the bullets you can chose from: some hot goof holding the beauty DoWnLoAd: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jz3f86vuv5aa328/fad_gun.miproject
  17. Okay, so this is one of the first rigs that I've made in a while. I made this in two days. Images: Here's a download for you: Download Have a nice day!
  18. Hi, well this is my new fad rig, at first I was gonna release all four twisted animatronics but making one of these is a nightmare, and I probably won't make all of them anyways so I just gonna release the first one now(I probably make another one in September) Download - U -
  19. Doctorks

    Fad 1-4 Maps

    BEFORE YOU DOWNVOTE please look at pictures first, Then downvote if you wish. Also please credit me. I can't track you down but I would appreciate it I made all 4 maps from Fad. I was going do the new shit but I really don't want to (click on Fad 1-4 maps to download) Fad 1-4 Maps https://imgur.com/OjVJVDa Fad 3 https://imgur.com/MDq0zbX Fad 4 https://imgur.com/Sq2ArjR Fad 1 https://imgur.com/XHTFmBe Fad 2 Credits Fad 4 texture - Cortave Fad 3/2 Texture - DaHooplerzMan Grandfather Clock Rig - mbanders Desk Fan - Allemn Arcade Machine by BloxTheRigger Rig by Mr. Darl (If I missed anything please tell me I will add it) Enjoy!!!!
  20. Hey Guys, I am back with the funtime Freddys rig ? Sorry for the late rig I lost interest in animating and forgot the rig But now i am back with the rig The New rig includes FacePlates,Endo Head,New Mouth and Eyes rig and some other little details If you want me to add new Stuff to the rig or fix some problems with rig tell me Down Below JUDGE BY QUALITY NOT THE TOPIC! Pictures: Click Here To Download ? (Eyes and Mouth Rig by Skibbz)
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