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Found 22 results

  1. So I made a render for my pfp and it sort of look like blender Rate 1 to 10
  2. Grettings I wanted to share with you some pictures of a simple character I made in Modelbench: Looks like a normal skeleton with a diferent skin and some new parts, but it, or she has 117 shapes and 55 animable parts. I wanted to make it look like a Blender skeleton rig I found, I don't remember the name of the Blender add-on (was it MCprep?) Amyway, I'll share some pictures and more information. -She has a 3D torax, spine and neck. -Three fingers (I didn't want to make more because I don't like changing the scale of the pixels) -She doesn't have bend in elbows and knees. Just in every part of the hair, in wrists, ankles, in the neck, in the hood, and in those little threads that hang from her clothes. Every spinal vertebra is an individual part because I wanted to make her look like this: - Arms don't have bends too, they're just 2 diferent parts. Using less cuantity of bends and more individual parts for me is better at animation; it's harder to animate but better because It give me more posibilities. Anyway, I usually have problems making bends in Modelbench, and I don't like making a lot of bends neither ... Well, hope you like it. I'd like suggestions, I still think that something is missing on this Character... This will help me a lot. Oh, I forgot to tell you that this character has a couple. I'm going to show you right know a random picture of him: I already post the second picture where he appears but it was just to show him to you. The girl's name is Ash and the boy's one is Ax. They have a very long and complex story, I'll probably tell you about it later. I'll show you too a random animation I made with them, later, on another post. bye , sorry for my English...
  3. I made my first blender render. It takes 7 hours
  4. ShotU

    ShotU's Face Rig V4

    Been a while so here's SAFR V4! New Additions: - Bevel Mouth! Bendable but limited (recommended for closed mouth expressions). - Optional braces toggle for gapped teeth! - Optional Blush Styles! Changes: - 90% of the model is comprised of standard planes (Very little 3D surfaces) - Many bends have been tweaked. - Removed unnecessary eye sparkle styles. Credit unnecessary but appreciated!
  5. Hello my suggestion is add an option to allow us import other professional 3D models from professional 3D modeling apps like SolidWorks 3D Max Blender and .etc and use it in MineImator
  6. This is an Old WorkBut hopefully I already back up it into my smartphone before my laptop Coma. So here is... Forget about the blac lines on It, This aren't the actual render. I photo this trough my laptop screen with smartphone, Then with little editing skills I have, I can change it from photo version, into Single Screen Version. Fun Fact!:To upload this I need to Open My second laptop, then Bluetooth this Image that I Already edited into My second laptop, then open a WiFi, then Open imgur, then upload, And then copy the URL into my smartphone letter by letter. Too complex huh? Yeah it's a Low resolution image, because of that thing. How does my Render looks?
  7. I searched for the ways to make Minecraft animation and I found out that we can also use Blender besides using mine-imator. My question is, what's the differences between Mine-imator and Blender? (For example mine-imator is easy to use and Blender is harder)
  8. Hey, David. It'd be really awesome if you could have the ability to export .MANI models as other types of files, For example, BLEND files, .MDL files (Source, Quake, GoldSrc, etc.), different files like that. So you can import the animation into Blender or something, It'd be awesome for developers of Minecraft-Related Games, mods, etc. And it'd be amazing. Thanks for your time! -Aronan
  9. This isn't completely made with MI, only the end computer scene is. The rest is made with SFM, and about 10 seconds are made with Blender. I'm kind of happy with how this one turned out, but I think that I should have made more BATIM so that I could attract a younger audience. Enjoy and tell me how I can improve the MI part.
  10. What happens when 3 different softwares join together in 1 music video? This.
  11. Hi! Want to share your Mine-imator and Blender skills with the rest of the world? There is now a way! Just e-mail me your Email address and I will give you a copy of the book to work on. This is a community project and I would love to have about 10 or 15 people working on it, but as all things there will be some rules. No using crude or vulgar language, no screen-shots of porn, nudity or other bad things. We are trying to make this a G rated book for all peoples, races, religions, and ages. Please email me ASAP if you would like to help. Thanks- TJs3 TJs3 tjs3playsmc@gmail.com Author and Animator
  12. Um... IDK how to start this topic so this is my start LOL but um.. it would be cool if joint movement(or i believe it is all called) to be incorperated to have like a realistic feel and make work easier for people as i said going for a realism feel but with a option to switch between what we have now and to give better explanation for what i mean is something like SFM(or i believe Blender,C4D and Autodesk Maya has it not sure someone else correct me on this)
  13. Hi, i'm a guy that used Mine-imator 5 months ago, and now start to use Blender . Please subcribe to my channel, that's help alot. I don't upload much now because i'm in a big animated serie Here's my channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ghm5bmF4Shq_Vju4XeLEg
  14. martijn

    help whith blender

    help if i render my blender game it does include textures but not the sounds how do i enable the sounds in blender game engine to render the game sucsesfully
  15. hello i need a notch skin for a plunder rig i have made any one got one? if you do it would be verry help full
  16. THIS IS FOR MINE IMATOR 0.7 How do you like version 1.3? Nothing too fancy. Steve Rig Specs: -Curved Eyes -Eyebrows -Optional 3d hair by Akmalzonia -Smooth Blinking & Eye emotions -3d Teeth & Tongue -Moving Fingers & Thumbs (Glitchy) -3d Nose -Smooth Mouth emotions Update List- v1.0- First release, buggy, copied textures v1.1- Original textures, still very buggy v1.2- Added fingers, fixed some bugs v1.3- Added smoother hands, fixed all bugs, 3d nose, teeth, pupils and hair More Pictures! Skinning tutorial coming soon! Download here! http://rapidshare.com/share/CAC1C30A4C0D15B1B27BE6A1CA897403
  17. My first facial rig... I have used zeuxs textures. (sorry) But version 1.3 will have my own http://rapidshare.com/share/73EBD949BF2FD5BB27B7E2667593D0F7
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