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Found 165 results

  1. The moment I woke up this morning I knew I was destined to create this masterpiece, let me know your thoughts and how I can improve! Also Blender was super easy to pick up on for animating, didn't need any tutorials or anything which was pretty epic.
  2. Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! I've been messing around in Blender 2.8, experimenting with some stuff. I was in a call with @SoundsDotZip, discussing about rigging and he taught me how to change hue by just moving a cube with Drivers and Expressions. Then I was messing with displacement modifiers and ended up with this. I then added 4 point lights in each respective axis (Red X, Green Z, Blue Y, White W). 16:9, 4K HDR (ProPhoto RGB, 32-bit) 2019-09-05 Created by Prismatic Spirit © 2019, all rights reserved. Credits to @SoundsDotZip for helping me create a hue wheel driver. Note: The Watermark is here to prevent art theft and unfair use. CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! WITH YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES! I doubt this'll get any ratings at all xd
  3. i made a long time ago with blender. i hope you guys like it.
  4. After toying with Blender 2.8 for a while, I tried making a shader to add a shimmery enchanted gleam to a sword, and I made a quick render using Eevee!
  5. I searched for the ways to make Minecraft animation and I found out that we can also use Blender besides using mine-imator. My question is, what's the differences between Mine-imator and Blender? (For example mine-imator is easy to use and Blender is harder)
  6. https://imgur.com/L6mEMLd
  7. Hey guys here is a animation by MrFudgeMonkeyz: Check it out , the series named Annoying Villagers!
  8. Hey, David. It'd be really awesome if you could have the ability to export .MANI models as other types of files, For example, BLEND files, .MDL files (Source, Quake, GoldSrc, etc.), different files like that. So you can import the animation into Blender or something, It'd be awesome for developers of Minecraft-Related Games, mods, etc. And it'd be amazing. Thanks for your time! -Aronan
  9. I got some modeling experience and made these render in blender. With Animatronics:
  10. I think this is in the right spot 4 blender, I might be done with mine-imator 4 a while! and i'm a Furry! Kinda Girly 2! So then, my friend, whom convinced me to be a furry made this.
  11. I finished my first Blender animation recently and wanted to share it, if that's even allowed here. It doesn't seem to be doing as well, view-wise, compared to my older Mine Imator animation.... Anyways, here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c-OmRaQfiYM
  12. This isn't completely made with MI, only the end computer scene is. The rest is made with SFM, and about 10 seconds are made with Blender. I'm kind of happy with how this one turned out, but I think that I should have made more BATIM so that I could attract a younger audience. Enjoy and tell me how I can improve the MI part.
  13. Ehhh. Blender modeling. PS : Random GIF
  14. Alright so after 5 days of work, and some opinions from you guys I have the first map done . I can no begin working on the trailer so that will be fun . I hope you guys like how the map looks and also the white planes that are floating; those are lamps, I didn't feel like moving them around and doing lighting over so I just left them there. Things I may add: - A river through the center of the map - Make the bottom of the map less flat - Some grass and flowers There is basically the final product of that map, everything in the map was created by me and I am very proud of myself, I have only been using Blender for about 2 months and I have come pretty far. What the game is: People seem to be asking more frequently what the game is, so I shall explain. The game is based in the Medieval time period, there will be knights, wizards, giants, all that sorta stuff. You will fight in a 12 vs 12 arena like the one you see above. Fighting will be fast paced and simple yet complex for the advanced users. For example the knight will be fast and medium damage character. Every character will have its own set of customizes, for example the knight will be able to customize his helmet, his armor, his weapon, etc. These customizes will NOT give you an edge in battle, they are purely cosmetic. The only thing that will give you an edge in battle is your skill. You will buy the game once and have no ingame purchases at all. Now on the graphics, the game will look like the picture above so most laptops and PCs should be fine running it . Pricing, I plan to have the game cost 5$ or 10$ because steam takes 30% that brings it down to a 7$ profit, then I give 50% to my scripter and then that brings it down to 3.50$ per purchase me and my scripter get. Since I have a ton and I mean a ton of free time, updates will fly out for this game. Adding new things weekly and I plan to have a cool little community around this game so that will be cool to. I hope you guys like the picture and the game idea. Comment below if you have any questions! Map with river (I said I would add one )
  15. So ive been working on the map, and 3D modeling in BLENDER. And I am finally getting close to start production on the trailer. Here is the map so far, I havent done any foliage (trees, grass, etc) but I am getting there. Everything in the image was modeled by me and I am honestly really proud of it I hope you like it, and as always have a great day I was actually wondering could anyone give me some ideas on how to do the edges of the map. I cant think of anything, maybe a forest or a fire or some destroyed catapults or something? OMG 20+ REPUTATION HOW, Before I went to school it had 5 and I get home and its got 21!!! Thank you so much guys its awesome! Here is the updated version, I dont really know what to do about the map borders. So for now there going to be just tall walls. Ill add shape too them soon. Tell me what you guys think
  16. This is a castle I created for one of the maps I am making. Its not done yet but I am getting there. I tried some new lighting techniques feel free to tell me if they look any better Creation Time - 5 hours (Not all at once) The lighting I was going for was, pretend this is a model and its placed on a table in someones basement. I was going for that unstable mixed lighting but also trying to keep it sorta realistic. I think the lighting is much better then my previous ones. But what you guys think??? Have a great day everyone.
  17. As you know Ive been working on a game. And I recently created some knights I know the materials looks shiny and weird I am not done I just need to know does the rounded or unrounded look better? Left - Unrounded chest and helmet Right - Rounded chest and helmet This one is a mix of the two, It has a rounded helmet but not rounded chest. You decide
  18. A wallpaper I made yesterday with my half done fully rigged knight I made for my game. This wallpaper is one where you can make up the story behind it. The sword on the left was the Red Knights the sword on the right was one of the White Knights. How did they die? How did it all go down? You make your own story. Everything except for the tress, rocks, and grass was made by me. Created in BLENDER (My most favorite software ever!) Straight out of BLENDER no editing at all. The wallpaper is 1920 by 1080 if you want a specific size message me and ill create one Have a good day everyone!
  19. son,salad is ready SALAD IS READY!!!! IM GOING DOWN wait,mom WHAT IS THIS???? credit to someone in discord name @Patrick or RoMEO or whatever for writing that dialog in up there or upper mor upper more more more more more!!!!!! k bai
  20. just some more boring blender again bye
  21. wow,playing around in blender acttually fun
  22. Lately, I've been working on modelling and creating materials in blender. Getting into photorealistic stuff now, and I'm excited to share with you the fruit of my labors... A watch! I've been watching photorealism tutorials and working on this for the past few days, and I've finally gotten something good! ------ ------------ It's based off of a watch I own in real life. @Heavenira, my mentor, come check this out.
  23. some Blender images i made.... If you want your image with your own character, PM me or tell me in the comments.....
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