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  1. TJs3


    I dont like apple.
  2. TJs3

    Low poly Living room Blender Art

    Cool Cool I don't know why but my thing keeps answering twice. lol I use Blender a lot myself too. Have you ever seen the Minecraft Mob Spawner Addon?
  3. TJs3

    Low poly Living room Blender Art

    Looks good. What did you use? Internal or Cycles? Looks good. What did you use? Internal or Cycles?
  4. TJs3

    [C4D] Practicing lightning.

    Those are cool rigs. Do you make them for Blender?
  5. What do you mean you're acting differently than what you used to...
  6. TJs3

    The Storm [AE Test]

    Here is a pic of my attempt to make rain with MI... Used your rig.
  7. Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to add realistic (realistic by Minecraft standards) looking rain to your MI animations for free? And without having to use advanced particle systems or anything? Well here is how: Go to the following link and download HitFilm 3 Express. Once you have it installed, open it up. Put your MI animation in your desktop or somewhere where you can find it (in this example I am using a image instead of a movie). Now create a new project in HitFilm 3. Click "Start Editing." Open up your MI animation in HF3. Then, in the side list, find effects and then find quick 3D. Drag and drop onto your time line at the bottom. Then if you press play, it should play your animation with a rain effect over the top. You can then click export and put in your settings that you want. It will export depending pretty fast depending on what your render settings are and how long your animation is. If you have any questions, please message me. Note: There are hard ways to do this in MI but this is easy. TJs3- Thanks. Stay Inspired! Finished Product (Rig by Kicksbrickster)
  8. TJs3

    The Storm [AE Test]

    Oh. I thought that the rain was in MI. Sorry
  9. TJs3

    The Storm [AE Test]

    How did you do that? Could you add a download link?
  10. TJs3

    Small Sailboat Rig

  11. TJs3

    Minecraft Parody

    Is that rig made in Mine-imator??!!
  12. TJs3

    Any 3D steve rigs?

    This website has best steve rig ever. go to the character rigs place
  13. TJs3

    Surface Videos

    Hey everyone, I am working on a (Secret) rig and I was wondering if any one knows how to make a surface play an animation? It would be nice if someone could tell me how. Thanks. TJs3
  14. TJs3

    Happy Birthday TheRageMinecraft!

    hands are to big
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