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  1. 350 degrees Celsius... you sure that's right? lol More importantly... doesn't he get any cake? Or only gets to sit back and watch his friends eat it all?
  2. I don't have a YouTube link, as I don't like cluttering my channel with little test things and such (even when they're unlisted, the fact that they're there troubles me lol), so I hope Streamable is adequate... maybe sometime I'll make a secondary channel for these. Anyway, this is my second try at making a walk cycle (the first one was lost when MI crashed... this time I tried to do better at clicking save regularly); it's fairly basic, like I didn't have the body and head move, but at least it doesn't look as much like "floating across the world" as the first one did. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions on making better walk cycles https://streamable.com/lod6ub
  3. Thanks! I think I'll be focusing on shorter animations to work on the characters' movements, especially the timing, as that seems to be the most glaring issue at the moment.
  4. I just got MI a couple days ago, and don't have any prior animation experience, so this is very rough, but I had fun making it Someday we can look back on this and say "wow, look at all that improvement!"
  5. Hi I just downloaded Mine-imator last night, I mean this morning, well it was 3 am, so however you categorize that. I've never done any kind of animation before, so we'll see if I manage to get the hang of it. Anyway I am pilyglot, which is a portmanteau of pi and polyglot because I like languages (but haven't had much success in becoming fluent) and was into memorizing pi for a while, though I'm pretty out of practice now. People often call me pily for short. My Minecraft name is basically just my name but in Toki Pona, which is a constructed language designed to be simple and minimalistic. I'm kind of obsessed with Minecraft animations, especially music videos, some of my favorites are Find the Pieces, Running to Never, and Diamond Sword (the one that's an Imagine Dragons parody, though the one that goes "I need a diamond sword sword sword sword" is fun too lol). So I figured it'd be fun to try to make some animations myself, right now I'm trying to have a birthday party in one of the house schematics because why not :-D.
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