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  1. Candles aren't listed in blocks or items; guessing they're included but you forgot to list them.
  2. Re-used the set and adapted the skin to my rig to make this picture, as a profile pic. (I changed my Discord nickname in one server to "pumpkin pilyglot", as a play on pumpkin pie of course, so I made a picture to go with it)
  3. Thanks guys! Oh by the way, not to toot my own horn, but that fish, poorly animated as it is (I changed that scene at the last minute and it came out wonky), is my own custom model .
  4. So this is my second animation; still having a lot of trouble with the tempo of movements, and it's really short, but I learned a lot in the process of making it! (but why does the thumbnail look ridiculously garbled... it looks fine on my YT page...) Link to my first animation for comparison
  5. Wallpaper competition? Where?
  6. I like it ! Does "R.E.D" stand for anything?
  7. The pic doesn't work for me; I see a grey camera and what seems to be "no photo" in Russian
  8. The concept has potential, but you need more action. There's a whole lot of moving the camera around a mostly-still scene, which doesn't hold the viewers' interest for long. They're left waiting for something to happen to advance the storyline, and when nothing happens for a significant amount of time, they get bored and might click away. Hope that helps; good luck with your series!
  9. Made this four days after installing MI, it probably needs another light. Not really satisfied with Cap's pose; he's supposed to be leaning on that stone block but I don't feel like it really achieves that effect, any suggestions for that would be appreciated. I made it for a desktop background (hence being sized to fit my laptop screen, and having the left side mostly blank) and it seems to be serving adequately in that capacity lol
  10. Overall it looks good to me; the animation of the train and such look natural, and the way the car kind of bounces down a little when it stops is a nice detail. I also like the use of camera angles to highlight what is happening. The only things I noticed that were kinda off (and obviously I'm not an animation expert) were the tint of the car windshield (windshields aren't usually that dark, and it obscures the character somewhat) and the way the firemen walk; making a custom walk cycle does take some time but it's definitely worth it, and if you save the keyframes you can adapt them for use in multiple projects, and it really adds to the overall smoothness of your animation. But as I said, it does look nice overall; looking forward to seeing what you make next .
  11. Updated walk cycle; added a little movement to the head and body, and bent the knee more between steps since the last one kinda looked like they were dragging their feet on the ground. Used a couple different camera angles this time so you can see it better. https://streamable.com/8f0sgd
  12. Nice animation, very entertaining . That witch apparently isn't so bright (can't really blame her for being mad at the skellies tho lol)
  13. 350 degrees Celsius... you sure that's right? lol More importantly... doesn't he get any cake? Or only gets to sit back and watch his friends eat it all?
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