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  1. I like your profile pic! I am also kind of new too! I joined last year
  2. that is cool! it is different versions of you skin!
  3. I like the render! I'm not very good at bed wars, but I camped out in a eliminated teams base once!
  4. It is so pretty! looks like you are just chilling
  5. What I did is put the map into Minecraft and then import the map (the other option, not the browse option)
  6. Like I said in the title, I made Centaur Candy, here it is! So I used a lightroom for this, so Lightroom made by: Andri Artz. Render made by: Candy. I hope you like this!
  7. Alright Part of my little story idea, so Candy and her friends who all have powers defeated Herobrine! But one day... Candy wakes up in the end with that face thing and some new powers! and becomes THE ENDER QUEEN!!! (Candy's powers in the overworld were Cave powers)
  8. THE ENDER QUEEN!!! So, random idea, What if Candy was the Ender Queen??? Here is the special skin just for Candy! I have made a new character, Ezra enders (The Enderman) I hope you like the render!!!
  9. Where is the face rig?
  10. How do you make the hair? also, my character Ryuu's name also starts with an R!
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