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  1. So as I said, I messed with the camera filters and ended up making a render. So the Crafting recipe is inspired by a CaptainSparklez animation where CaptainSparklez tried to do math with diamonds and he did a crafting recipe similar to this one but Candy messed it up! And she does not know the recipe (Well, I know the recipe but Candy doesn't know the recipe) Hope you like the Render and I have a question? Should this render have the bloom filter on it or not?
  2. I actually figured out a way to for the eyes I just forgot to comment about this
  3. That is really cute! Love the hairpiece!
  4. No, I didn't make the models but I will leave a link to the rig. Here is the link https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/84757-ezcr-v12-em-zs-chibi-rig/ I forgot to add him. I will make a Chibi Etho and you will see Chibi Etho in the next Chibi Render! When I edited the render (I just added the text) I forgot a word in the Creator of the rig's name! It's Em Z PH
  5. So I made Hermits (Hermits is a nickname for the Youtubers who play on the Hermit Craft Server) So here is the render! I hope you like the Render!
  6. For some reason I thought that you did this in Mine Imator
  7. How did you make the reflections?
  8. So I found a Chibi rig made by Em Z PH and I LOVE IT!!! I made a render where it was Candy, Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, Captain Sparklez and OMGChad as Chibis! Here is the render And i decided to make Hermit Craft YouTubers as Chibis but I need some of the Hermits usernames. So, can you guys get some Hermit usernames please? And make sure the username works with PMC Skin 3D Skin editor! Here is a link to the skin editor: https://www.planetminecraft.com/pmcskin3d/
  9. Blockbench has a in-game texture creator and in modelbench the size of cubes can become bigger or smaller depending on how big the squares are
  10. He looks like he is ready to start the day!
  11. How do I fix the eyes when I'm using another player skin?
  12. The rig is so CUTE!!!
  13. As the title says I did make a version of Candy where She has Ankles and Wrists: after watching a tutorial on how to make wrists for you character and applied the wrist stuff for the ankles. So, Thank you Sharpwind! here is the Render Hope you like the Render of the rig!
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