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  1. Jesse look scared. Whad he is looking at?
  2. Tbh, the skin shading makes me cry
  3. I don't like new bends same. Mostly because of texture blinkin And also because of THAT. Aw, what is that thing i really need an option to disable it.
  4. Bend it and send a screen. I'm interested
  5. Yeah, that's it. When i make a new shape and make leg be it's parent that happens
  6. Не все поймут, чувак, не все
  7. lavaie

    I tried to draw

    :ъ you're welcome. Constructice critisicm is a really helpful thing that helped me someday, so hope it will help you too
  8. Where did you got the storymode rigs?
  9. lavaie

    I tried to draw

    Nice, but the shadows are too blurry'n too gray. And somewhere there's no needed shadows. And the light sources, aww... If i'll look at the glasses shadow, i get the light sourse is in upper-left courner. But the eyes tells the light sourse is in upper-right courner. if i look at the hair shadows - the light sourse is at the top, the mouth shadow can tell the light sourse is at the bottom left. Where is the light sourse, hey? It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
  10. Yeah, kinda. It's for bug catching, so i hope a lot of bugs (including this) will be fixed in newer versions
  11. So why there's a feature to create them?
  12. That bug appears when Modelbench model that contain 3d surface part is exported into Mineimator
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