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  1. soo i wanna create a music video in MI with a song from XXXtentacion (bec he died last monday) but i dont have any ideas soo.... pls help meh song:
  2. good job. looks great
  3. use photoshop ( costs money tho) pdn is good too
  4. thx i will work better on mine-imator and practice some stuff like light and bending ( im bad at that ) srry for my bad english im from the netherlands/holland and not good at english
  5. ye i didnt do stuff about the posing i forgot that ( i was tired )
  6. thomas

    i need skins

    i did but i found the same skin EVERY time ( its the blurryface skin ) and i didnt like those ( or i found a ton load of stupid tyler joseph has girl skin )
  7. I REMADE MY FIRST EVER WALLPAPER lemme know if u like it.... the original wallpaper
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