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  1. Do You See a Girl In The Picture Up There As You Can See? So, You Know What That Girl, And, Warden Are Doing In The Picture Up There? (You Only Need To Look Closely Very Well At In The Picture...)
  2. Hello! I'm Rune Light Lovely! And, Today! I Will Show You The My First Wallpaper! Ah! And, I Have Something To Tell You! There's An Easter Egg in This Picture! Good Luck, And, Find It Very Well!
  3. Heoran

    1.0.6 Lightroom V.1

    Oh My God! I Can't Believe The Download Link Is Closed! This Is REALLY Impossible, Or, Unbelievable!
  4. I Watched The Video! I LAUGHED When I Watch That Video! Very Great Job! I Like It!
  5. Oh! Okay~! \(*> w <*)/ I'm so excited to see this Comment! \(*> w <*)/
  6. Dance Keyframe Is "I REALLY Don't Know", But, MP3(Sound) Is Here! https://www.mediafire.com/file/u4s9e21gmeb75wg/Heavy_is_Dead.zip/file
  7. Hello! I'm Rune Light Lovely!!! And, I Need To Send You a Keyframes! "Heavy Is Dead MI Version Keyframes"!!! (*> w <*)
  8. It's So CUTE! (Kawaii! >w< )
  9. Oh! Really? I Was Surprised Because Of The Upgrade The Mine-Imator Is Free!
  10. Warning! This Video Is The Parody Of "Heavy Is Dead" Animation! And, Edited! (The My Original Video Is Closed...Sorry, Everyone...) And, The Main Character Is Not Really DEAD! (Because, This Video Is Animation, It's Not a Real By The Way...) So, Please Do NOT tell me it's copyright infringement! Alright? I'm Watching YOU, Guys...
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