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  1. minecraft story modeifed your character

    Hey, can anyone do mine? My skin is right here! if someone's still doing this then here: please no community build.
  2. I just notice you stealing my friend render in Deviantart and make as cover photo

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hiendiep55


      This picture was made by Mcminetube which is my friend



      MamesTheDragon and MCMineTube - MC Render Scene


    3. xXTheRealRMEXx


      like i know that. but im not even stealing.

      can you tell me HOW im stealing?

    4. hiendiep55


      McMinetube know you stealing it 

      Check his status updated i saw it


  3. Mighty Rig 2.0!!!

    Seems like Shadow the Hedgehog with a bazoka and more edgier.
  4. better steve rig and i liek pickles!

    Dabing.... Really? just kill me already.
  5. Red/White Scarf

  6. car

    like uh.. may you like stop spamming this?
  7. Axel rig

    dabing and bottle flips =
  8. Steven Universe - Peridot

    ew.... (no hate i just dont like the show the rigs good tho.)
  9. Simple Paper Mario rig

  10. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Pamtri)

    um kill me alrwady
  11. New me.(Voice Acting)

    Russian accent please? =]
  12. DaJelloKing Livestreaming! PUBG

  13. My Rig Pack

    no pic, no clicks. lol
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