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  1. Demonwarrior42

    Hat Models Pack

    honestly I thought the last one was one of these but then I saw that it said pirate hat
  2. Demonwarrior42

    COMING SOON-ddlc rig

    I just want to point out that i have no association with germez and he/she is just a user trying to state his/her opinion which a lot of other users do I also want to point out that its MY rig and I should be able to make it how I want to make it and im willing to take suggestions this however was not a suggestion(not trying to come off as rude I just want to establish that)
  3. Demonwarrior42

    Running Cycle

    Bro im literally crying from laughter
  4. Demonwarrior42

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    I didnt really care if it was a trend i just did it anyway
  5. Demonwarrior42

    Armor "Gladiator"

  6. Demonwarrior42

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    can you put an option to increase/decrease the scale of like the upperhalf/lowerhalf of a body part so lets say you decrease the x scale of the lowerhalf of a body it gives that waist look (if thats possible)
  7. Demonwarrior42

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    how about an option to turn the old bending on or off
  8. Demonwarrior42

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    *see's glowing effect YAY now I have less hours of editing one picture (you never edited a picture)
  9. Demonwarrior42

    COMING SOON-ddlc rig

    alright did not expect that but your right that is whats fun about it i guess
  10. Demonwarrior42

    COMING SOON-ddlc rig

    oh yeah umm newbie rigger to professional riggers how do you give a female character a waist or curves that works with the multi-axis bending
  11. Demonwarrior42

    COMING SOON-ddlc rig

    like I said W.I.P
  12. Demonwarrior42

    COMING SOON-ddlc rig

    IIMMM BEEEECK!!!!!!!! Its been a while you all probably(Dont care)thought I was dead but ive been spending some time trying to improve my rigging skills(watching por....nevermind) and what rig do i decide to make as a comeback a ddlc rigpack i might be just teensy bit late on making a ddlc rigpack(ddlc release date: 9/22/17)but anyways(note that its still a W.I.P and will not be released until all the characeters are finishied)I will show what I have finished at the moment and I will release the rig once all the characters are finished(didnt I just cover that)heres the pic that is all, now when I finish the rigpack I need your help to decide whether I should post a download link or not and a way you can tell me is by commenting a picture of your character giving a thumbs up(or flipping me off I dont care)and put text that says YESSS(make sure it has three s"s if it has one more or one less I'll get triggered) Random stranger:"umm question" Demonwarrior42:"yes Random stranger" Random stranger:"why dont you just make a poll" Demonwarrior42:"because im too FU#%ING LAZY!!!!" Demonwarrior42:"thank you for your question"
  13. Demonwarrior42

    Shao Kahn rig (with download this time)

    THX to both of you
  14. Demonwarrior42

    Shao Kahn rig (with download this time)

    Shao Kahn Height: 7'2 weight: 400lbs age: N/A sex: male Weapons: Wrath hammer Light spear if you download pls credit me DOWNLOAD: Note: this was my first rig and now I'm putting it for download I'm still getting used to mine imator so don't expect it to be professionally made like how skibbz or juno and others do it
  15. Demonwarrior42

    The Dark Lord, Herobrine

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