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  1. Hearse. The word you're looking for is Hearse.
  2. Knight Rider was originally a Television series starring the one and only David Hasselhoff, and the K.A.R.R's... oops I meant Car's name is K.I.T.T. Which stands for Knight, Industries, Two, Thousand. Also Technically he isn't a car but the CPU of the car. Not KIDD, not a movie (Although there was a film loosely based off the series its flopped at the box office and was a critical failure. There is, however, a new film that is a continuation of the original series in the works with Hasselhoff reprising his role as Michael Knight.)
  3. You should know me by now. I don't like people making assumptions regarding my preferences. I prefer people to ask permission to do stuff like this. Ii future ask. Or I'll have the next upload taken down. Capiche.
  4. Ah see, there's your problem. You though. Never think, it doesn't suit you.
  5. You've spelt "modeled" wrong its Modelled and I didn't give you permission to upload this!
  6. He's ripped the textures from a fish mod and used them to recreate the models for MI using MB. The mod doesn't have whales so he can't steal the mod textures to make one.
  7. I'm a bit Stuck on how I should feel about this?
  8. I think it's in the limit of having too much detail. I'm okay with it I guess.
  9. Agreed, to simple. EnderSculptor's are better in my opinion. More selection too and he takes requests.
  10. When is this next going to get updated, really looking forward to some new weapons?
  11. This shouldn't be here, it's also not great. You're better off making a model instead.
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