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  1. ZombieGuildford

    Female Template 2.0

  2. ZombieGuildford

    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    You should know me by now. I don't like people making assumptions regarding my preferences. I prefer people to ask permission to do stuff like this. Ii future ask. Or I'll have the next upload taken down. Capiche.
  3. ZombieGuildford

    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    Ah see, there's your problem. You though. Never think, it doesn't suit you.
  4. ZombieGuildford

    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    You've spelt "modeled" wrong its Modelled and I didn't give you permission to upload this!
  5. ZombieGuildford

    Space (4K)

  6. ZombieGuildford

    Fantastic Fish creature pack

    He's ripped the textures from a fish mod and used them to recreate the models for MI using MB. The mod doesn't have whales so he can't steal the mod textures to make one.
  7. ZombieGuildford

    Glue Gun

    I'm a bit Stuck on how I should feel about this?
  8. ZombieGuildford

    [Gun] AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel)

    I think it's in the limit of having too much detail. I'm okay with it I guess.
  9. ZombieGuildford

    Firearms by MrKoix

    Agreed, to simple. EnderSculptor's are better in my opinion. More selection too and he takes requests.
  10. ZombieGuildford


    When is this next going to get updated, really looking forward to some new weapons?
  11. ZombieGuildford

    Jurassic World Main Gate Schematic

    This shouldn't be here, it's also not great. You're better off making a model instead.
  12. ZombieGuildford

    Radar MCSM Season 2

    I present Radar from MCSM Season 2 Model and Texture by - ZombieGuildford Facial Rig by - ThatKidAnimates Download here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/gos0eshedmdm7bg/Radar.rar/file
  13. ZombieGuildford

    Romeo MCSM Season 2

    I present Romeo from MCSM Season 2 Model by - ZombieGuildford Textures and Facial Rig by - ThatKidAnimates Download Here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/99w406afm87wxbh/Romeo.rar
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