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  1. looks more Hytale-esk than it does MC. You do you though. Still Cool.
  2. I've got another question about my suggestion. The Ray Gun. The Ray Gun is an Iconicly round fire arm but how would you render that in MC. Like the Left where it's still blocky, or the Right where it uses slopes?
  3. Well over time the cataagory would fill up. Maybe at first it can just go in the pistol tab but as more Fantastical weapons get added the could go in a Wonder weapons / Fantasy/Scifi tab.
  4. Question. When you get round to my suggestion. The COD Zombies Ray Gun Mk1. Will it be lumped in with the Pistols or will it get it's own Wonder Weapon Catagory?
  5. Well then, the best of luck to you; you charismatic, optimistic bastard. Go you.
  6. You mistake my blunt honesty for rudeness. An easy misconceptions, but I was trying to help you. You not likely to make much or any money doing this especially at your skill level. Even if this is just for fun it still going to hurt a little when you get nothing out of it. To rephrase what I've already said; Either stop advertising that's you take Comissions (Particually such a large assortment and instead take comissions on one thing you can do well) or continue as you are and brace for dissapointment.
  7. Haha. Funny... No wait you're serious? In all honesty unless you have something people really want, and I mean REALLY want, they aren't going to pay for it. I should know since I also take comissions. I make models. In mine and others opininon they great but people aren't despirate enough to pay even a few Dollars for them. They would like to have them sure but not even at their already affordable prices. These are things most users could easily make them selves if they wanted it enough. I suggest you packup, delete this Topic and get a real job. If you can't get a real job becase of age or something then I don't know. Alternativly if you really want to persue this as a revenue stream then first get good enough to produce marketable content people would actually pay for.
  8. What do ppl not understand about the whole (Requests Closed) thing. Why havent comments just been disabled until reqests become open?
  9. Hearse. The word you're looking for is Hearse.
  10. Knight Rider was originally a Television series starring the one and only David Hasselhoff, and the K.A.R.R's... oops I meant Car's name is K.I.T.T. Which stands for Knight, Industries, Two, Thousand. Also Technically he isn't a car but the CPU of the car. Not KIDD, not a movie (Although there was a film loosely based off the series its flopped at the box office and was a critical failure. There is, however, a new film that is a continuation of the original series in the works with Hasselhoff reprising his role as Michael Knight.)
  11. You should know me by now. I don't like people making assumptions regarding my preferences. I prefer people to ask permission to do stuff like this. Ii future ask. Or I'll have the next upload taken down. Capiche.
  12. Ah see, there's your problem. You though. Never think, it doesn't suit you.
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