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  1. @Dannyboi Dewd. What r u doin.

    Honestly that was really low of you. You're a moderator for Pete's sake telling someone their creation belongs in the trash. It's okay to not like something someone made but what you did gives our forum a really bad reputation. As a mod you're supposed to be a good influence, you're supposed to be an example to the forums. But when you discourage creativity on an animation website in the most shallow way possible I question why you actually became a mod.

    I'm not trying to sound like I'm your boss or anything but I implore you to get your shit together.

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    2. -StickyMations-


      @Dannyboi uh... I don't really think Ethan's reply should be taken that serious... ._. 

    3. Mike


      @-StickyMations- no no, he's right

      ethan needs to be told off about this anyways ?

    4. Dannyboi


      @-StickyMations- Well it's easy to see why he'd find this funny.

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