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  1. I'm not sure now if this was vanilla Mine-imator or the Community Build, but a previous version of the program allowed us to import assets/objects that were compressed in .zip files. This was a really convenient feature, as it was able to keep my rigs folder clean and neat. Now, since the object file extension has changed from .object to .miobject, I can't compress the assets into a .zip file; instead, I have all the assets in a folder and I need to find the .miobject file within all the files to import the object. Before: After: Now when I try to import .zip files, I get this error: Please take my suggestion into consideration! Thanks for reading.
  2. Spider-Man Web Swinging Animation

    That really doesn't help me .. like at all. I know that movements matter, that's common knowledge. "You can make the running cycle a little better." <- This doesn't help, as MrPops already said "you could work on the running cycle a bit more." Only telling me "the running cycle isn't very good" does nothing really. Actually telling me what is really wrong with the running cycle would help.
  3. Spider-Man Web Swinging Animation

    Do ya maybe wanna go a bit more in-depth with that reply?
  4. Spider-Man Web Swinging Animation

    It's Mine-Imator. there's no such thing as a natural running cycle.
  5. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Rig, Skin and Animation by TempusWare. Map by Blip Noir: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/city-of-newisle-v-07032015-solo-modern-build/
  6. TARDIS Interior rig

    Great interior! But uh . . . Download link pls
  7. Hay tempus!


    I loved your Minecraft story mode rig pack since it was very editable and I'm wondering if you are soon going to make an update on it with updated(and new)mouths from the game?


    (and other stuff Bruh)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Minecraftvinnyq


      The open smile like one of the comments made from that post awhile ago.


      there is also a few differs of the mouth based on each character.


      beards is also a thing.


      but Thanks for responding!

      Oh yeah also for the axel skin. The body can be made by stretching the skin, but that's by making the skin squashed so you could stretch it.

    3. Tempus


      If I stretch it, it ends up looking either like this


      or like this


      So currently the second pack will be delayed for some time until I can find a proper texture map for Axel.

    4. Minecraftvinnyq


      just double the texture, squish the body front and back by half, than fill the texture for the gaps:


      you will get this:l5vX09j.png

  8. The Doge- Preview!!

    moar more more morem ore iz so gud
  9. I made a Crescent Rose Rig that transforms from a Sycthe into a compacted mode or a sniper mode.. That's about it. No download link, as this is a private rig that I made for me and RetroTARDIS.
  10. A lot of people are not too fond of Minecraft Story Mode's mouth animation.. but I don't really care anyway so I recreated it into a rig for Mine-imator. I recreated all 3 versions of both the Male and Female Jesse's using the official skins from the Pocket Edition skin pack, and as an extra, I made a MCSM Steve and Alex. How to use: 1. Extract the .zip files from MCSM Rig. 2. Import the chosen character (e.g. Jesse_M_A.zip) into Mine-Imator 1.0.6+ 3. To animate the mouth... eh you'll figure it out - it's not that hard. Remember to credit me if you use this or I will steal your potatoes. It was really difficult to make
  11. Minecraft Story Mode Character Rig

    Added 3D hair. I tried to make it accurate to the model in the game, but this made it not as simple to change the skin. However, the mouth rig still works fine with all skins. Also 3D sleeves and shoes
  12. Yo. Started working on this this morning. Here is what I have so far: No download atm sorry, but feedback is appreciated!
  13. I modelled and rigged a few of the Sonic Screwdrivers from the BBC Series Doctor Who. This collection includes the: 3rd, 8th, 10th, 11th, and the already released 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Model. How to Use: 1. Extract the files from the .zip file to a folder 2. Import the .object file into Mine-Imator 1.0.6+ Please credit me if you use any of my models. Or I will end you.
  14. TempusWare's Omnitrix Models

    In honour of the new Ben 10 Reboot coming next month, I modelled and rigged all 4 of Omnimatrices* used in the Ben 10 Franchise. *Omnimatrices = Plural of Omnimatrix = Technical name for the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix ^ Images Courtesy of RetroTARDISProductions How to change modes: Activated Mode (Pop out mode) Set the Dial/Emitter/Core Position to X: 3 Recharge Mode (Red mode) Set the Omnitrix Mix Percent to 100% Please credit me if you use these models! Or I will find you, and I will kill you, and I will never ever stop. Leave feedback/criticism in the comments!
  15. Found how to use Status Updates.

    Only looked for it because Retro made me look for it -_-

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