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  1. Here is a Volkswagen beetle / Herbie The Love Bug rig i have made.


    Also this rig may not be finished i'm deciding at the moment if i shall add some more details or not, but if you have any requests for this rig or make another rig i'd most gladly like to know!

    I hope you enjoy using this rig as much as i have loved creating this lovable vehicle :) 




    1. Supreme Whovian

      Supreme Whovian

      Can u do KITT from Knight Rider, or the 1977 Camaro z28 version of bumblebee from the first TRANSFORMERS movie plz?

    2. Supreme Whovian

      Supreme Whovian

      Link no longer works 😭

  2. can you make a vw beetle bug that looks like Herbie the love bug search that name on google and ull find it
  3. Can i ask u something when i got the rig and opened it up in mine imator all that was there was the door and the levers and scanners
  4. When i click download Here it takes me back to this page if you could help me?
  5. um how do download it when i click the download it, it says web page not found can someone help me?
  6. Is this tardis up for download because it looks epic!
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