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  1. I do not understand... I think the option that Mine-imator offers is better. Why not use it?
  2. Without a doubt, mine-imator 1.1.3 will be one of the best updates. although thinking a bit. The most flexible Bend will look bad in rigs. like for example hand rigs (fingers) because the current Bend is cubic and fits perfectly maintaining the minecraft's aesthetics. I wish, that there was an option (like the option of round bend) So, mine-imator would have more customization keeping the cubic bend.
  3. It impresses me that more people are interested in the code of the .mimodel files I modeled a complete character only by code hehe so I learned how to modify them. here is the corrected code, just missing a little more order, and the code "parts" to indicate the parts that mine-imator create in the timeline.
  4. Finally I could install "tall grass" in 3D!!!
    The incredible thing is that this  "tall grass" is imported with the stage (there is no flat grass)!! xD

    1. crustyjpeg


      Render FPS:16.

      And dat double tallgrass.

  5. First, sorry for being absent in the forums. Honestly, I've had other projects in mind to do. Second, if, still using Mine-imator, but with a style completely different. Third, this intro was performed only with Mine-imator. Fourth, maybe I did not participate much in this forum, but believe me, I will not stop using mine-imator. because in my opinion, it is the best program of fast animation I've seen Enjoy the intro !! (And sorry if the text is in Spanish)
  6. How did you...I...shadercreadort_by_marioandsonic07-d7c2mg

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    2. KindZax


      Wait im confused.. is this minecraft,mineimator or wat, what is with the volumetric options and AHHH idk what is real or not anymore!!

    3. Nimi


      Okay, I know what this is now, this was made back before the source was released according to the look of the windows/buttons, this is a mock-up by him. This is not an actual mod. o3o

    4. Sumaru
  7. It is easier to have a surface and change the texture in every frame (and put instant transition)
  8. Now I have the "Member Title" of "Mine-imator Investigator, Rigs and "Scene Asset"" a question .. what does it mean "Scene Asset"? (I did not have a clear translation)

  9. Product of the Day (Rig Finished) http://i.imgur.com/0cg5gki.png

    1. Allemn


      Yay, Slamapig I mean, Slamacow!!!

  10. finally managed to create fingers with SlamaCow Style!!! (to Mine-imator)

    1. Basseyh


      awesome! can't wait!

  11. anyway this design: It is better than the last, and I see that is more complete. but I know that never It is to be used.
  12. Well I've seen a picture of the new interface of Mine-imator 1.0.0 ... and .. in my mind I have something like this: if, buttons.
  13. This lighting is perfect! I finally did it! http://i.imgur.com/aJaeMrC.jpg

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    2. Skjold


      i dont know what does it.. ambient occlusion perhaps? :3

    3. KicksBrickster


      So this is multiple point lights creating the effect, right?

    4. Marioandsonic07


      @Skjold @KicksBrickster

      Nop, for achieving something as that, you have to play with the ambient lighting, lighting and colors RGB of the camera, the ground (schematics), etc ...

  14. working at night lighting for animation! http://i.imgur.com/wdBdccN.jpg

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    2. blockerlocker


      @TGOT Probably that Casmic Studios moon

    3. Joshdotmp4
    4. Marioandsonic07


      @Joshinja @blockerlocker

      trying to simulate the moon of Captainsparklez and Slamacow

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