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  1. hello, the links are available when version 1.0.0 of Modelbench comes out
  2. I do not understand... I think the option that Mine-imator offers is better. Why not use it?
  3. Without a doubt, mine-imator 1.1.3 will be one of the best updates. although thinking a bit. The most flexible Bend will look bad in rigs. like for example hand rigs (fingers) because the current Bend is cubic and fits perfectly maintaining the minecraft's aesthetics. I wish, that there was an option (like the option of round bend) So, mine-imator would have more customization keeping the cubic bend.
  4. It impresses me that more people are interested in the code of the .mimodel files I modeled a complete character only by code hehe so I learned how to modify them. here is the corrected code, just missing a little more order, and the code "parts" to indicate the parts that mine-imator create in the timeline.
  5. Finally I could install "tall grass" in 3D!!!
    The incredible thing is that this  "tall grass" is imported with the stage (there is no flat grass)!! xD

    1. crustyjpeg


      Render FPS:16.

      And dat double tallgrass.

  6. First, sorry for being absent in the forums. Honestly, I've had other projects in mind to do. Second, if, still using Mine-imator, but with a style completely different. Third, this intro was performed only with Mine-imator. Fourth, maybe I did not participate much in this forum, but believe me, I will not stop using mine-imator. because in my opinion, it is the best program of fast animation I've seen Enjoy the intro !! (And sorry if the text is in Spanish)
  7. How did you...I...shadercreadort_by_marioandsonic07-d7c2mg

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. KindZax


      Wait im confused.. is this minecraft,mineimator or wat, what is with the volumetric options and AHHH idk what is real or not anymore!!

    3. Nimi


      Okay, I know what this is now, this was made back before the source was released according to the look of the windows/buttons, this is a mock-up by him. This is not an actual mod. o3o

    4. Sumaru
  8. It is easier to have a surface and change the texture in every frame (and put instant transition)
  9. Now I have the "Member Title" of "Mine-imator Investigator, Rigs and "Scene Asset"" a question .. what does it mean "Scene Asset"? (I did not have a clear translation)

  10. Product of the Day (Rig Finished) http://i.imgur.com/0cg5gki.png

    1. Allemn


      Yay, Slamapig I mean, Slamacow!!!

  11. finally managed to create fingers with SlamaCow Style!!! (to Mine-imator)

    1. Basseyh


      awesome! can't wait!

  12. anyway this design: It is better than the last, and I see that is more complete. but I know that never It is to be used.
  13. Well I've seen a picture of the new interface of Mine-imator 1.0.0 ... and .. in my mind I have something like this: if, buttons.
  14. This lighting is perfect! I finally did it! http://i.imgur.com/aJaeMrC.jpg

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    2. Skjold


      i dont know what does it.. ambient occlusion perhaps? :3

    3. KicksBrickster


      So this is multiple point lights creating the effect, right?

    4. Marioandsonic07


      @Skjold @KicksBrickster

      Nop, for achieving something as that, you have to play with the ambient lighting, lighting and colors RGB of the camera, the ground (schematics), etc ...

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