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  1. Hello, it's me again . Here is my 40 subscribers special: You can also see it in action here: More parts of the series are coming soon! Make sure to subscribe for more animations and rigs! Download: Enjoy NOTE: I know it's nothing special, but I said I would release it and here it is. I might make an advanced version of it in the future.
  2. Yeah it seems like it's ok now
  3. I am planning on releasing it within the next 4 days, hopefully I won't have to upload the video 4 times on YT to get it working this time
  4. Ty, I reached 40 subscribers so next up is my space suit helmet!
  5. i know ;), done
  6. i know, i just have technical difficulties with youtube :/ i will temporarily put an image here
  7. Download link:
  8. Here is my 2nd rig Enjoy and consider subscribing to my channel, it really helps , as well as suggesting future rigs and maybe drop a like Download:
  9. model

    Ty man more will come soon, suggestions are accepted I saw it, I was asking in general in case someome knows the answer
  10. model

    giveaway ˈɡɪvəweɪ/ informal noun 1. a thing that is given free, often for promotional purposes. "every issue is packed with competitions and great giveaways" How should I call it then?
  11. Hello fellow mine-imator animators! From this day forth I will start creating mine-imator models/objects and share them with the community! Here is my first one, take a look and don't hesitate to suggest ideas for future models! And here is the download link:
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