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Dolphin Character Dive Suit Rig Shots [4K] 2:1 Ratio

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Little bit of an experiment. As a person who now uses Blender for most animation related stuff, I used to use Mine-imator back in the day from the first demo versions of when 1.0.0 came out. I decided to come back to MI as a way to see what I could do from the amount of skills I've learnt over the years, and to see what I could come up with. Here is some images of a dive suit rig for a dolphin-humanoid character model I've had for quite some time gathering dust on my PC. I had to re-educate myself about rigging in MI with using items/other methods (which only took 5 mins as it's somewhat of a poor mans UV mapping system coming from an avid Blender user). Overhauled the rig with an array of additions for some cinematic underwater shots. Feedback is appreciated.

These shots were inspired a little bit from a movie called Thunderball, and color/styling wise from the neon color palette from Blade Runner 2049. 

Decided to go for the 2:1 aspect ratio for these shots (3840x1920 for anyone wondering) Light rays and slight color corrections done with Hitfilm Pro. 







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