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    Hectoris919 reacted to Rollo for a status update, Hey, more politics! This one will probably be my longest and most thought-out status   
    Hey, more politics! This one will probably be my longest and most thought-out status yet.   Okay, so usually these political statuses are inspired by some event I saw or was involved in. This time around, I saw a Twitter post by some random streamer or something (a streamer I follow liked it, which is how I saw it), and it was simply "Holocaust deniers are idiots," or something similar. No further explanation, no context or anything, just that. And yeah, holocaust deniers are idiots. But everyone already knows that. But in the comments everyone was saying things like "You're so brave," or just "Brave," or "That's a brave thing to say." Why? Why is it brave to state something everyone already knows? Why is it brave to state an opinion at all? Listen, I get interested by weird things and I wanted to know exactly the thought process all these people went through. Or at least, why they subconsciously do that. Why they think it's brave. So I thought about it. Specifically, why do liberals feel like disagreement is bad, or that stating an opinion is dangerous?   Liberalism is extremely reliant on bringing people to your side. The whole point is to bring attention to issues, and to get people to agree, to become "woke" in some cases. This makes sense given the nature of liberalism itself compared to conservatism. Liberalism is also highly about empowerment. You are applauded when you do stand up for opinion, or tell someone off for their opinion. "Yas queen," and "👏👏 So brave" come to mind. You are applauded when you punctuate each word with clap emojis. Again, agreement is power, and it goes both ways. But when you risk your opinion's being challenged, to them, you are risking a lot. When you risk debate, you apparently risk your reputation. I'll talk about why this is bad later.   For the most part, their comfort area is an area where everyone already agrees with them. They like to pat each other on the back and say "yep!" And that is why they don't perform well in an argument setting. They end up saying the same things over and over again despite what the opposition says, as per the NPC meme I'm sure most of us have seen. They do that because they don't want to be wrong. Being incorrect means less power. Being incorrect means people don't agree with you, and you have to start over. Being incorrect turns them into exactly what they're trying to fight: ignorant. Their goal when they voice their opinions is to bring attention to issues people aren't aware of. If they are wrong, they become the ignorant side. That is why they defend their opinion vehemently, and that is why they are incapable of actual political conversation. Because they don't morph their opinions around another, they grow their existing opinions based on what other people agree with already. By the way, that is not good. I'll explain that in the section labelled "Why it's bad."   Why it's bad. First off, the dislike for debate as a whole. This is not a healthy habit for them to commit to. It's extremely hypocritical to be unwilling to change opinions when that is exactly your own goal for other people. It's why people don't take a lot of liberals seriously. It's why I automatically don't believe them when they say they're up for debate. It's why "mainstream media" is such a menacing term. Because media teaches, without debate. You can't debate with a news article. So when a media outlet is liberal, it empowers their side way more than a conservative outlet empowers conservatives. Liberals get a pleasant tingle when they hear an opinion similar to their own.   And now for why being incapable of altering your own opinion is bad. If it's not obvious, that's not how political discussions are supposed to work. They're called discussions because it implies there's some back-and-forth. You can't win with them. No progress is made, which is ironic considering they call themselves "progressives." That is very bad for both the goal of their movement and their credibility. And when both of those are tainted, it's very hard to get people to agree with you, when they already don't (which is, again, their goal).   Both of those bad aspects of liberal conversation are why the United States government is still shutdown. Trump has offered solutions and compromises, but the current liberal opinion is that Orange Man is bad, and that wall is super mega ultra bad grrr. They are incapable of understanding. They are ruthless and that is not a good thing. Another issue is abortion. Liberals think abortion is great because they are incapable of understanding opposing opinions on the matter. If you bring up birth control, immorality, gruesome methods, other options in the same situation, responsibility, the only thing they can come back with is women's rights. Maybe even some made-up science to spice things up. What makes it worse is that is how they'll feel until all their liberal friends change. Again, agreement is power both ways. If you agree with other liberals, you are powerful to them. So no one wants to disagree.   But liberals will tell you they don't do any of this because I'm conservative and they don't like opinions from other people.   How it relates to my last status For those who don't want to bother finding my last status, it was about the Catholic boys wearing MAGA hats and how mainstream mesia automatically assumes they were in the wrong, and why liberals still defend those outlets even after they were proven wrong. Just by that description you can probably understand where I'm getting at. In fact, if you just reread the status itself you'd get the overarching point I added onto with this status. Basically, people still defend news outlets after they were proven wrong because, again, they don't like being wrong. I'm just going to shorten the theme of today's episode, "Agreement is Power," into AIP so it's quicker to type and read. AIP. AIP in this case because if they don't agree with these outlets, they have lower status. If the outlets don't have people who agree with them, they have lower status. And also, they are incapable of being wrong, so. I encourage you guys to think about that more. But there's really no way to combat this directly. You can't just yell at them and expect them to change. And honestly, there isn't anything we can so but deny them the attention they desperately want. Just ignore them (until their words turn into harmful and horrendous actions, like abortion in my personal opinion). I'll elaborate on this a little more in the next section.   How it relates to the forums Gonna be a huge change in tone and purpoae here. And I may be stretching a bit here. This part is more speculation and I'd need more time to think about the concept to its full potential.   There are people who give bad criticism. That's just a fact of the matter. But it gets worse when they are, themselves, incapable of taking criticism. It's the same deal with before. It's very hypocritical and harmful, for themselves and for the bigger picture (Bad criticism = bad future creations is the bigger picture). But they do this because if they are wrong then they are not as helpful as they think they are. They also feel like admitting defeat would mean losing your status. This gets worse still with "rep circles", which are basically human centipede-esque pats on each other's backs. If you give in to the opposing opinion (in this case, someone criticising your own criticism, which is a real situation), you risk losing your back-up (which I don't actually agree with, especially since rep doesn't matter). AIP yet again.   So how do we combat this? Well, like I said before, we can't combat it directly. But here's an analogy. If a letter of complaint was sent to a company, but the letter stays in the mailbox and is never read, did anyone ever really send a letter? Why are we giving them attention? Just ignore badly-written criticism. There's no use in arguing with them directly, because they'll never change. It's pretty easy to also see that the topic will turn into a flame war and get locked for that reason. Trust me, all they want is attention, and for people to agree with them. If you don't give them either of those pleasures, they have lost. But there are people who are willing to change. So I'd recommend testing them once. Try giving them a little advice, and if they aren't fond on taking it, give up immediately. Lose the battle, win the war. Remember the bigger picture!   Anyway, that's it. Wish my statuses had more  to animation, but goddamn I have no idea how to get moving on my current project. But that's a different subject. Thanks for letting me rant about probably stupid stuff. You guys have taught me a lot and I wouldn't have anywhere to think if I didn't have the forums. I'm not trapped like I once was :^)
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    Hectoris919 reacted to Spontaneous Explosions for a status update, Been messing around with reflections. How does it look?   
    Been messing around with reflections. 
    How does it look?

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