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Hi and i have a bit of a issue found (I hope i'm not the one who saw this)

But i have a bug or an issue that's goddamn annoying me for the last 5 day's.

So it has to do with Custom bending Offset and the bending size.

If i put -4 for the offset and for 2 or 3 for the Bending size and save it and reopen it they literary change like 4.56 or 2.34 or something

This issue is so goddamn annoying and make's it a lot harder to work on small texture blocks like body's and stuff. But this annoyed me a lot more when i modeling a mermaid character.

I hope this will be gone in next Update cause i can't take it anymore and if it stays i swear a god..........I'll lose it!

Sorry about that i'm too pissed off about this issue.


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I'm unable to recreate the issue myself(The bending values load just fine for me in 0.4.2 and the upcoming 1.0.0.) Can you send the affected model you're having problems with?

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23 hours ago, Jadturentale said:

that's an issue similar to Brick Planet (some game that dosen't exist anymore).

You might need to update, or else need to do some research about the bug.



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I am having the same problem. I use arms as fingers for my hand rigs. I set the bend offset to -1 and the bend size to 0.5. Then I save the model and close modelbench. But when I reopen the model, or import it into mine-imator, the bent offset goes to -0.25 and the bend size goes to 0.125. This completely ruins my hand rig and throws the bending way off.

This is my model with the bug.


Open "Hand Rig Model" in modelbench

Click "hide shapes" under elements tab

Open all the parts 

Highlight the parts named "Index", "Index_2",  "Middle", "Middle_2_2", "Ring", "Ring_2_2", "Pinkie", "Pinkie_2_2", and "Thumb" 

Do not highlight the parts named "Right Hand", "Fingers", and "Glove"

Set the bend offset to -1

Set the bend size to 0.5

Save the model

Reopen it

If you have the same issue, please help fix it in future updates.

Thank you.

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