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Oakran Fight Schematic

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Hello, I'm SKIBBZ and today I'm here to release a schematic for fights or whatever you're into.

I named the map Oakran because that sounded cool, k.



Custom particles

Custom Sky

Custom Map

... That's it, it floats.


Here's Some More Images






Credits to TheTanJames for the leaf particles that he made when I didn't know how to particle at the time.

Credit to iSheepify for the awesome Sky texture. (If you read this, let me know if you approve of me using your sky texture for this, if not, I'll take this down immediately).


Download here [9.2 MB]



No need to credit if used.

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srs though.. we need more scene pre-sets like these.

Glad you liked it, me and a few of my friends were going to build multiple arena's for animations, but we're too lazy. Maybe I'll make more after I finish my project. 

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