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Found 80 results

  1. Credits goes to LPD(dunno if that's the LPD in here from Discord, so I ain't pinging until I know for sure).
  2. Gaster Blaster rig by wecley Sans rig goes to @Fray
  3. 2010-19 has been a hell of a decade for me. Lots of good and bad things have happened from it, especially recently. Going into 2020, I'm going to start changing A LOT about me. And yes, though some of you know the events that have unfolded within my life quite recently, I'll leave this piece to the imagination for the rest of you. This here is the tribute to the version of me that had endured plenty of heartbreak, plenty of loss, rejection, and isolation. But starting today that all changes because I'm sick and tired of being thrown around. It's time for me to pick myself up off the ground and keep moving. "Don't make the same mistakes I did, do what you know you need to do."
  4. Hello to everyone, now I come with a new animation, I think it was difficult to think what animate, but while Iwas doing the animation I was thinking new ideas , So here is ,I hope you like it Dont forget to put a like comment and suscribe to my channel if you liked it tell me your opinions (: By bye my friends n_n
  5. I know the Bill Nye swearing thing is dead, but after hearing melodysheep’s song on the topic, I just had to make this. (Here’s a link for it https://youtu.be/iubpN72D6AI) As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated. Oh and credit goes to @mbanders for that dancing keyframe.
  6. My second song-inspired wallpaper (sorry, it's only in 1080p) View while listening to the song below! If you want to see more song-inspired wallpapers, please let me know! Furniture by @BloxTheRigger
  7. If I were to host a Minecraft M.A.P. (Multi Animator Project), what kind of song would most people be ok with? If it were me it'd be some upbeat rock music (likely Aviators), but what other kind of songs would people wanna participate in if I made one. For anyone who doesn't know, a Multi Animator Project is when a song is divided up into short 10-20 second bits, a bunch of animators pick a segment, animate to that part of the song, then they all get strand together into one video. Its like a massive collaboration, they are very popular amoung 2D animators. And Yes I am actually thinking of potentially doing one, so your suggestions will mean something. Also if you actually would care about joining one it'd be nice to know :S.
  9. Im making a Minecraft song and I need a 1. Skin artist for skins. TAKEN 2. Vocals, Ill send you the lyrics 3.Schematic (This is not needed but preffered) TAKEN
  10. A dark post-apocalyptic atmospheric themed song that I've wrote and recorded. I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. (You might hear some mistakes in Mix-Mastering.. This was a bit rushed due to some other work.) - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations - - - -
  11. It's probably the WORST thing you will hear in a long time. Here. (NOT YOUTUBE)
  12. A made a new song last night. GASP It's not piano this time
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3tSMGt9Yn8 I didn't format the link on purpose
  14. git sad Sorry for the late upload. I started uploading this at 2AM ... 2 days ago
  15. Another song made within FL Studio 11! Enjoy!
  16. Another song I made in FL Studio 11! My personal best so far! Hope you agree!
  17. This might be the best song I've made so far imo Hope you agree! Btw, look out for any new collabs
  18. Sow, I made an animation meme thing, wooooooo. here it is. idk what to say, cuz grammar n stuff.
  19. Another song I made in FL Studio 11. Enjoy! This song is dedicated to DivingWeasel's PC as it broke a few days ago #RIP
  20. The first ever remix ive ever done, but im still working on it. when its done, ill release the "Tiedlovania Extended" -video. It probably will contain action or something, i don't know. So, what do you think? PSST! @KicksBrickster! this is what i wanted to do when i asked a editing software. Thanks still for it.
  21. Hi guys, Me and my friend are making a minecraft animaiton called We are the only hackers here. to start our chanell off but I need some people to help me in animaiting this is how you can apply P.S Everyone who helped will get a special shout out in our chanell Lyrics and music will be on me and my friend. I'll try to help in animaiting but I need your help. Name (In game NOT irl): are you good in animaiting (good in what exactly designing,editing etc): do you know how to make rigs!?(We need this badly!)" Thanks for your time Regards, Pro_Slendy
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