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Found 26 results

  1. Mobdestoryer

    skins Need for zombie story

    In a Hypixel Based Textured Zombie Apocalypse Has Broken Loose And Have Killed Many People Will Take Skins For Characters In Actual Story (You may need to do voice acting if your doing a Character in story) ((P.S. You Skin As To Fit A Zombie Apocalypse Theme Aka Send Me Normal One And Zombie Apocalypse One)) Zombie Skins (Always could need more zombies!) (animation starting may 9th) No more entering for voice acting may need voice acting later so keep that in mind you could still voice act but i got my hands full with voice actors right now Good luck Zombie Apocalypse Fans! PS Must have 50 Rep Or Has Been On Mine imator for 15 Days
  2. MonstEarl

    Bedwars Montage aaaayyy

  3. MasterArcher12

    Blocking Dead Map Wanted

    I need the Hypixel Blocking Dead map, but I can't find it anywhere. Edit: I don't know how to get a mod.
  4. Matrixguardian

    Hypixel Skywars Highlights HD #15

    I just made another Skywars episode where basically I took all the best moments from my gameplay and made a video about it Hope you enjoy it! VIDEO:
  5. Craftboy

    The Blocking Dead Rig Pack!

    This is a rig pack I made a while back, so I used flatlands and stuff at that time so don't blame my present self, blame my past self. Download Link (Open .mproj in mine imator): I hope this will help you succeed in any animation with weapons/zombies/food, (Also if you find anything wrong with the link, tell me and I'll do whatever I need to do to to fix it.)
  6. Craftboy

    Skywars Pic!

    One of my first "good" mine imator pics! Which is better? Tell me down below in the comments!
  7. Hey guys I made a Murder Mystery Animation with many youtubers in it! Please tell me how to improve!
  8. Kapslock

    Hypixel Lightsaber

    I have made a lightsaber based off of Hypixel. More like based off of something based off of Hypixel. Yay! Original credits go to Vexilius who designed it, though I rigged it! For the original photo, click here.(second to last picture) Pictures: It even comes with pre-made keyframes for opening and closing! To recolor, go the the blade outer and change the color, then copy the hex over to the light. Download Here
  9. Hey can you guys check out my Hypixel SkyClash Animation and tell me what you think about it and what I can improve on? Click this to watch the animation! If you enjoyed the animation make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more
  10. I tried to make a wallpaper from the Minigame in hypixel called blocking dead, and yes, here is the wallpaper! Watch the whole making progress if you like: Download: Version 1(4K): Version 2(2K):
  11. LIsPixel

    Warlords Helmets

    Hello, just make Warlords helmets rig Here you can see the spoiler image Soo, what you think ? do you like it ? I hope you like it And here the question Q : What about the armours ? N : Well it's too hard to find the textures armour so yeah I can't >_> Q : What about the swords ? N : Well someone just makes the swords yeah here the link down below This sword rig by @victory summery Q : Can I add credits too ? N : Sure why not Q : Link download pls ? N : You can see download link there. Q : Can I touch it ? N : WAT?? So yeah here you the download link. Warlords Helmet Rig Ok yeah and bye
  12. The Captain Ghro

    Need some Hypixel Warlords Rigs...

    i want to make something a bit cooler.... like this: really need it. thanks. anyone trying to help means alot to me.
  13. abdmouidegordon

    turbo kart

    turbo kart
  14. KoolProductions

    Need Skins For not *secret* project

    Before I start animating the *secret* project, I'm making a short animation, since its not a *secret*, its about skywars, I need about 12 skins Form: Name: Skin: Extra skins(optional):
  15. MineRocker Animations

    SkyWars Fighters (4K) (Wallpaper)

    I was bored and messing around in Mine-imator last night... So after playing a bit of Hypixel Skywars with some friends I've made this. It's just a random wallpaper, I hope you like it.
  16. Rubeneixen

    Build battle map

    Anyone have the build battle map from hypixel???
  17. TURBO KARTS My Very own Turbo Karts (inspired by Hypixels Karts) You can Customized it , Retexturize it. I will give you My Public one only but you can Customize it Pics:,JJ2ngDq,dPifmGM Download: Can't Post the Pic Because of the Internet Here are the Customized one. (this is not included in the download link),wBHf5EC To Change the Texture just create 512x512 format (or you can use the texture of the Rig, can customize it)
  18. Hi, I need the rig of a kart of TurboKartRacers game of hypixel For this, download the TKRPack. Download the TKR pack: The textures of karts are in items Folder. Bye ! Sorry, I'm french. As you know or not, Hypixel released a new game: the TurboKartRacers . As you know or not, Hypixel released a new game: the TurboKartRacers .
  19. Jamesandflint

    Mega Walls

    Guys. Check out my latest video, Mega Walls! Don't forget to Subscribe and +1!!