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  1. Eyelids are bright because of this surfaces. I give up... I don't know, how to fix it ;-;
  2. Tell me. Maybe it can be useful.
  3. And do you know how to fix that?
  4. Bruh... What?.. I selected "Alpha".
  5. "Glowing" eyelids. I mean, that color of the eyelids is more brighter than color of the skin but they have the same HEX code.
  6. You have potential, i can see it, but you need more practise
  7. The model in this project has too many objects that are parented. And when i try to create the new project or re-upload it it's crashing. @Nimi
  8. Well... There are some bugs with bending... Sorry about that, but i want to make the final version of it and we need to wait for the NEW Modelbench
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