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  1. Well... There are some bugs with bending... Sorry about that, but i want to make the final version of it and we need to wait for the NEW Modelbench
  2. Oh, ok And... I'm not a rigger. Just hobby
  3. Ok. When i'll be home, i'm gonna remake this to make less laggy and buggy I have other BATIM rigs. If you want to see them, just send a message here
  4. Sorry for bad view. I can show it when i'll be at home, cause' i'm studying now. And, how AndyBBTF's rig looks like?
  5. I have it. But... It's really buggy. In the new version of Modelbench i'll try to repair the model. ...if i can
  6. What's wrong with her mouth?
  7. @Nimi, sorry for interrupting, but... Can you help me to solve the next problem: Mine-Imator: Modelbench: Please, anyone, help me to fix that ;(
  8. Hello, guys! Itz Rise! And today i wanna show you the SkyBox Template for SkyBox makers in Mine-Imator! Default Minecraft SB Template has different structure, that looks not perfect in M-I... I cound't find normal Template for me, so i make this one. I don't know, who needs it, but i want to make job easy for you, guys. Here it is! UPD*: • N - North; • S - South; • W - West; • E - East; • T - Top; • B - Bottom. Here's a link to download Template: Press here!
  9. Wow, i just lost my time for creating a model and there is an error: "Parts must have unique names.", but i renamed all of them... Just wow...
  10. - Run! We have only 1 way!
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