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Found 53 results

  1. So I have been using mineimator for 3 years now and even though I still don't know how to animate properly. I have been using the community assets for so long now and i wanna give back at least by sharing this thing that got into my mind. A lower third for your videos: I got the Idea from mumbo jumbo every time he speed build there is a guy on the corner dancing. No need to credit but I do encourage to change your skin when using. File:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8445hrogiwyja38/Lowerthirds.miproject/file
  2. here is an intro that I made, it is not incredible because I am still starting do not hesitate to give me your opinion : //www.mediafire.com/file/oet59qrq2euu350/intro_Template%231.miobject/file l'intro
  3. SharpWind

    Sharp's Face Rig!

    I have made a FACIAL RIG for you to use if you guys want to use it in your animation! basically.... i'm not too good with words, i basically just wanted to paste the link to the video where you can find it Have fun!
  4. Download So I looked around online for free armor walking, running, and movement sound effects, but, first off, I couldn't find many, and, second, they didn't seem to be free. So me and Power Animation made these sound effects for public use. If you use these, you don't need to credit us (attribution isn't necessary). These sound effects are of basic armor. These sounds include: basic movement in armor, walking & running in armor, jumping in armor, getting knocked down and getting up in armor, & getting hit with wood & metal in armor. I think these will be very useful to mine-imator users and hope they aid you well! I know it's a little late, but, Merry Christmas!
  5. MrKoix

    Making Gun Sounds

    I can make gun sounds for anyone who wants them! Just make sure you show me what gun it is... I'm only going to be able to do them on July 13, because I'm going to be on vacation the next day. I am no professional, but i have been playing around with them for a year or so, and i think i will be able to do it. This is practice for me really, cause i just got a new program (Adobe Audition) and a new sample pack! To give you an idea of what you can get, here are a couple of gun sounds I made a while ago. bear in mind, they are in .ogg format FINISHED
  6. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig

    The New Petra Rig For Mine-Imator Is Here! How to get the rig into Mine-Imator Step By Step 1. Download The Petra Rig which is a RAR. file. (WinRaR needed) 2. Drag the file to your Desktop. 3. Extract the Zip. file so it turns into a folder. 4. Open Mine-Imator. 5. Press The Folder With a Plus on it [ + ] beside the Crafting Table. 6. Search for the Petra Rig. 7. Open it up and she'll be there ready to be animated! If you're going to use the rig in a youtube video, remember to give me credits in the description. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-xtaOoo_IPWX2lHS2o0YlpOSjQ
  7. No credit needed Also keep wind Strength and Speed high for a better experience.
  8. Hello fellow mine-imator animators! From this day forth I will start creating mine-imator models/objects and share them with the community! Here is my first one, take a look and don't hesitate to suggest ideas for future models! And here is the download link: http://clkmein.com/qXGQFO
  10. Hi there, I have created a rig for the game Five nights at candy's 3 demo, this rig is free for anyone to use, But if it is put upon a site such as youtube, i would like some credit at least, such as referring to this forum or my YT (Just ask and i can give out the link) Example "Rig Made By ls200054/The Noob Find it here (LINK)" "Rig made by ls200054/The Noob His youtube here (LINK)" The rig has functional doors as well as a opening/closing sequence Images : https://postimg.org/gallery/2982uou8e/ DOWNLOAD : https://www.mediafire.com/?sbgoni41bibkchl This can be used for anything aswell, such as a jumpscare, series or test.
  11. Doctor_Dod

    Doctor Who Rigs

    Hello! Just here to share some pictures and downloads of some rigs! Recently I've been ill (Still am :P) and I decided to make some rigs.. It started with the 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and progressed from there... Heres some pictures. Link to the google drive folder containing all the rigs will be at the end of the post!
  12. Count Qubits A chiptune track by The Crying Squid This is my first ever 8-bit track, and I would love if you gave me some feedback on it If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :3 More information is in description, of youtube upload, including usage of the track SoundCloud
  13. Hi all I got bored so I was thinking of making a facial rig and I made this I know you can't see it a bit but reply in the comments this if you want your own facial rig. IGN: (yourname) Skin: (Your skin) How many eyes do yo have in your skin?: (eyes) (Max is probably 4 idk?) Do you want a mouth (yes or no?) Do you want fingers (yes or no?) Do you want pupils? (yes or no) Do you want teeth? (yes or no) Here is an example: IGN: Example Skin: Its by my user How many eyes do yo have in your skin?: 2 Do you want a mouth yes Do you want fingers no Do you want pupils? yes Do you want teeth? yes
  14. Hey mine-imator community, so i just started my youtube channel this year and iv'e been feeling happy about it, so i decided to help anyone at my level or just people who may need some help, so i decided to make intros, logos, backgrounds, and anything i can do to help you customize your channels to make them pop up. So if you got a request, just comment, and whatever it is, will be done in 1-2 days (i mean for each person, so i may not make it the day of the request). ohh and if you dont trust my quality. Free Intro requests and channel cuztomization - Leoricki Craft
  15. Hi, so im guessing you are here becouse you probably dont have lots of money or you are cheap, and you probably use mine imator for that reason so if you want to have photoshop like result but dont have the money then you should get paint.net (this is not a link that is the actual name of the program) its a good photoshop like program but if you want photoshop looking editing you are going to have to do lots of work but in the end it may work out well and you can use it for lots more stuff and here is the link and if you want some tutorials just say in the comments. (btw some stuff you need plugins but they are also free). http://www.getpaint.net/index.html totally forgot to put link (BTW i am poor and that is why i use free stuff becouse i cant afford them,and im not that poor its just that my parents dont have jobs, and plz dont judge me)
  16. Kler

    Shotgun rig [By Kler]

    Guys, I will not write much, except to say that my shotgun can move the brenchblock and trigger. Is not that enough? (sorry by my google translate) Download: http://adf.ly/1QjT27
  17. Hullo! Since I don't know how to post images, enjoy this link to the preview image of my stream ! 8'D http://fav.me/d9902nw Anyway, link to the stream is below. Sorry for the lackluster post http://www.livestream.com/tanyos
  18. Ok so recently I posted a topic in schematics and people requested some rigs so here will be all the rigs because the other topic is for squematic requests ( minecraft maps ) so yea heres a link for that one : http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/42337-making-free-schematics-with-custom-rigs/#comment-509683 And this is the first rig requested by MobKillerAnimations : ''Can u make my character's sword 3D?'' I created the sword as close and as good as possible but heres a picture you dont have to say its great if you dont like it its ok just say its horrible because if people lie saying that this is great then your going to be wasting time of my life and im just going to try and making better rigs then but enjoy it if you liked it and you dont have to credit me ! Preview : Download it here : Working on a Yoshi rig soon ! This is my first facial Rig ! the rig was requested by : YoloYoshi03 Heres some previews and little features Like extendable tongue ! Heres the download link ! : No need to Credit me ! theres only 2 rules 1.Have fun 2.Dont publish this rig as your own ( dont upload this rig as if you made it ! )
  19. 'ELLO! Here is my brand new (First mob rig) witch rig! i hope you guys like this rig I spent today making! DOWNLOAD
  20. HELLO! This is my first post on MineImatorForums but I have been rigging for a long time! This is my most advanced rig yet! You must credit me when used. Put your awesome animations using this rig below! Click HERE For a picture, Click HERE For download!
  21. ReAlMz

    Simple SMG Rig

    This is my Second Rig! ReAlMz presents the Simple SMG Rig! This is my Second Rig in Mine-imator! I hope you like it! DOWNLOAD!
  22. DigitalEvorian


    Here's a free wallpaper i made. (dimension: 1920 wide/1080 high.)
  23. Hey there, today i bring you the nasty village... *Villagers attacks* HUUH.. HUUUHH.. HUUUH Picture: And here the download comes! *HUUUUH* *HUUUUUUUUH* *Huh* *Huuuh*
  24. So I made this for my YouTube profile pic and I liked it if you want one comment down your IGN (I'll probably no do a lot so comment fast like Sanic) http://imgur.com/4O0fJKs
  25. This is legal for the record! 100% completley official! This is how I used to do it: Links: Virtual Box: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Windows10: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-iso
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