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Found 31 results

  1. KeniisuCraft Animatronic Rig Pack: DOWNLOAD THE PACK RIGS: Springtrap: DONE! Phantom la Niña: COMING SOON Phantom BB: COMING SOON Phantom Francisco Pizzaro: DONE! Phantom Puppet: COMING SOON Phantom Mangle: COMING SOON Nightmare Mike: COMING SOON Nightmare Clyde: COMING SOON Nightmare la Niña: COMING SOON
  2. Bronze

    Monster Rat FN@C3

    Well... Hello There, So I Made A FN@C3 Rig Cause I Was Bored And I Didn't Have Any Other Ideas For Topic : Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture:3 Download Link For Anyone Who Want It But If You Will Use It You Need To Credit Me :I http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1hz46z1ekeukdx/Monster+Rat.rar Re:Upload Cause I Choosed Wrong Tab ?
  3. Ever wonder what it's like to be Shadow Mike? No? Well you're gonna find out anyway, like it or not. This is a f@d Fangame. Over the course of several months I was struggling to decide what to do for my f@d fangame. I decided on FredBear: The Revival. I decided on fadbear Party. I decided on f@d: New Generation. (Not to be confused with the drawkill one on YouTube) Just when I thought I'd cracked the case, something else comes along and I'm back to the drawing board. However, this time I can say for real that this is my f@d fangame. How do I know it's for real? Because it's out. It's an RPG Maker VXAce game that's on Gamejolt right now. It's two games in and it's planned to become a trilogy sometime. You can play the games by following the links and downloading them on Gamejolt. Should I have put this in a different subforum? Maybe. But anyway, here are the links: Shadow Freddie Simulator 1: Take control of Shadow Freddie and show the fadbear Family how it's done! When Balloon Boy once again starts plotting to end Frazbear Entertainment, instead of an "Are you ready for Freddie?" on the show stage, Shadow Freddie takes up the old microphone and heads out to stop the Enragement child...again. Face off against the Frazbear Family and get them to follow you on your quest! Summon monsters from enscriptions, reboot cameras and defeat all of them to bring you and your gang one step closer to the final battle for the fate of Frazbear Entertainment! Shadow Freddie Simulator 2: 4 months after the events of the first game, Balloon Boy reanimated the toy animatronics from an old pizzerria in 1987 to help him with his plans once again. What he doesn't realise is the horrible mistake he's just made... Play as Shadow Freddie or semi-new character Shadow Flandre and set out to stop Toy Freddie and his army of Budget Buddies from taking over Freddie Frazbear's Pizza and the rest of the world! Build up your currency and upgrade yourself with better weapons and parts as Shadow Freddie or manage your Spell Cards and create a stat setup that reflects the way you play as Shadow Flandre. Face off against the toy animatronics and rescue the withered gang from their clutches in a marginally improved simulator that lets you experience the day-to-day life of our purple hero Shadow Freddie as he makes an all-out rush to stop Toy Freddie once and for all! These games are very little-known, so play them and give your feedback by rating and commenting on the two games! (soon to become three) I may also use this forum and/or Gamejolt to introduce teasers for the third game. And this might seem like stretching it a little, but I would be glad to see a YouTuber like RiskRim, Luigikid or IULITM play through the games and give their opinions. So tell me where I went right, where I went wrong and how I can make the simulation even better! We shall work to make number 3 the best in the series! Speak your mind! I believe in you! (NOTE: Ignore fadbear Party. That thing's cancelled.) (NOTE 2: Although great care has been taken to fix any glitches, some may still remain. Please let me know if you spot any and I will try to fix them.)
  4. hellu , here so close to christmas, i bring to us my rigs and my map of fad that i worked so hard by a week. the rigs are: kenny (fad 4 child), Mike, la Niña, Clyde, Francisco Pizzaro, springtrap, purple guy, fritz smith, mike smith. so, not jeremy. the rigs include: guards: mouth with 2 lips and 2 cheeks. eyes with backdrop and eyelids, (pupils too, duh) and some details to do every guard unique like the look of he's pupils etc. animatronics: movable: ears, jaws, they has the same eye model of the guards. props: Mike has his microphone and la Niña his cupcake (the cupcake is a rig apart) coming soon: phone guy, phone dude, phantoms, all in a download apart, in another .rar like a dlc images: album link: just in case the images doesn't appear: http://imgur.com/a/YPHJF download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/prjdoo77eat6apc/Five_Nights_at_Freddy%27s_Rigs.rar sorry for my bad english, thanks and bie bie. update: in the rig files you may find some rare skins... ARE MINE, DELETE THEM >:/
  5. So as you can see i'm working on a Nightmare Francisco Pizzaro rig , which I will post publicly if enough people will use it! ( I plan on making the others as well )
  6. Models @Supah.exe & @Mr. Darl Animation - Me Animated on Vanilla Mine-Imator
  7. Animation - Me Model @Mr. Darl & Frozen Philip Animated on Vanilla Mine-Imator
  8. Hi my first rig of f@d 2 , it's the map , Map & Textures by LegoSkeleton Ported to Mine-Imator & Stuff me Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6n1ub5nnnin9an/fad_2_Map.rar Video
  9. Android Rig 2.0 Compatibility update Sorry for making a whole new post just for this, but the other post was just junk. Hello again and welcome TO MY LAIIIR. Well, there we go.... It's my rig. Use fully editable item sheet, that means YOU CAN RETEXTURE IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU Download soon ! Still have to add a Plug so it'll be 100% scientifically accurate and explainable. And some 3D stuff, why not. I figured out how to do. Don't forget to if you do, and most of all, stay awesome ;D Download ! Read the How-To Carefully ! Don't open the File directly !
  10. Hello guys! It's been so long since I posted here in the forums... Today I made to f@d wallpapers. Hope you like it! ^^ Credits goes to DarkDragonPro, Creeper2555 Salaudo and Allemn for the models.
  11. I do like f@d. I think it's enough, especially after f@d world. That game was garbage.
  12. Credit Song - DAGames Animation - Me Rigs - Me this time, i try to put more effect and i think it good for newbie.( i never put effect in my video. ) I hope you like it
  13. Credit Song - DAGames Animation - Me Rigs - Me Hi, I worked hard for this one video.(because so many Error.) Hope you like it. Click me to watch Video
  14. Hey guys I'm gonna do a new shirt so i made an image and i wanted to share it here... Oh, yeah, f@d alert, if you are just going to comment idiotic things, please go away
  15. Hey guys! So more animatronics got revealed. I tried to avoid rigging them, as I've done enough f@d rigs already, and I know for a fact that they will be bettered very, very soon by some stellar rigger who just happened to find the teasers. But in the end, I had to. I couldn't resist the temptation. Yes. I have a serious problem with rigging things that don't need to be rigged. In fact, I'm considering deleting something f@d related on my PC to help me get over it. But I can't... ...the temptation is too much... ...I'm stuck in a loop... ...like a bad dream... Just like Springtrap, (whom I called Mr. IASH at the time) these rigs were made before the release of f@d 4/f@d: The movie/Chipper & Sons Co. : Nightmare edition. So if you're reading this on halloween, there's two thing I need to say to you: Was there another Scott Cawthon troll? If there was, send me what you can of that troll! Please excuse any inaccuracies with these rigs. If you're going to rage, at least do it here where it's justified. Now I think we all know there's probably more new f@d stuff coming. But that does NOT MEAN I'M GOING TO RIG IT! ...unless they force me... ...like this case... ...when they trapped me... ...in my own nope nope. Choose now! Download rigs Don't download rigs EDIT: Oops. I'm an idiot. I'll just sneak these credits in, OK? Scenery: DarkDragonPro Background stuff: Darl f@d: Scott Cawthon Skins: Spengtrop (Do you get it? I just recoloured the Springtrap skin I made for these rigs. Lazy, I know.)
  16. Hey guys.. I made another render of f@d. This time, all the old Animatronics are staring at Jeremy. Tell me what you think Bye Credits goes to SlenderSonic02 for the mask, and Darl for the rigs. http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/user/24877-slendersonic02/ http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/user/21595-darl/
  17. Hello guys. I made my first render in Mine-Imator -The old animatronics in the stage- Tell me what you guys think, what I need to improve. Hope you guys enjoy it!! Thanks to Darl for the rigs -- http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/user/21595-darl/
  18. Hi! Everyone, today I gonna present you my first vehicle rig and release! Bumper Crash Rig! Feature: 1. Can parent everything! 2. Can re-size! 3. Can change skin! From SFM in Weekend Series! Picture: Bumper Crash! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mj6ua67a0q22mfg/Bumper+Carsh+Rig.rar Fun Fact: Clyde and Toy Clyde love Bumper Crash... Thank you!
  19. Um, I guess this is a comic... Yeah. I don't know how to start this. Whenever you're writing a story, starting it off is the trickiest bit, as I'm sure you'll agree. But get over that part and it becomes a whole lot easier. It starts to flow and you can easily wirte the rest of your story through to the end. So please excuse this first part for being quite short compared to future parts. This is basically just the introduction to the whole thing. In "Follow Me", the story of Freddie Frazbear's Pizza is retold from a different perspective. It is told through the perspective of the mysterious Shadow Freddie, who appeared in f@d 2 and 3. Since Fredbear's Family Diner had closed it's doors, Frazbear Entertainment took the reigns and reworked the diner into Freddie Frazbear's Pizza. However, no one knew that since the springlock failiures that got Fredbear's Diner shut down, Shadow Freddie was left to watch over the children from the safe room where the suit he died in was locked up. But when five children go missing in the new location, Shadow Freddie begins plotting to free these lost souls from their metallic prison and stop the threat that is creeping up on them and all the children of Freddie Frazbear's Pizza... Daily Routine Orders 1: Rigs by Darl. Scenery by Einshinefan.
  20. Here i present to you a Sneak peek at one of the rigs soon to come out with a reference if you can get it. The Full release of the rig packs will be after i have got my animation partner
  22. Hey guys! The good news I bring here is that I'm starting to pick up the pace on rigging for the community! Hopefully, soon you won't have to wait years and years for my next rig! Anyway, I decided to make something a bit different for you guys. When I made my Magolor Wizard rig back in the days of 0.7, I wanted it to have a customisable edge to it if anyone remembers that old post. But now, with a new sort of rig that vision can finally materialize. Ladies and gentlemen, I now provide you with the latest progression of mine in animatronic development technology... (No, this isn't an animatronic version of the Engineer from TF2. That's another rig, for another time, for someone else to do.) With this template, you can create non-cubic, new and interesting f@d OCs just by adding and adjusting different parts. Just parent the parts to where you want them to go, then adjust the position, rotation and colour to your liking. Simple enough, right? Here is a more plain view of the template. Features: So get your template now, and start building your own animatronics today!
  23. After so many years... Hey guys! So I've been working on a few things while I've been on yet another hiatus/silence/period of online inactivity. Thing is, I've seen so many f@d fangames, and seeing how many there are has inspired me to make my own and contribute to this massive community of developers. I have wanted to make a f@d fangame for so unbelievably long! And one time I was so close to getting one done. I was that close! But then f@d 3 introduced new plot points and mechanics and essentially snatched the fangame from under my nose. So that one was scrapped, and I had to come up with a new idea. And only just now, it hit me. What if I made a fangame based on the largely unknown realm of FredBear's Family Diner? There's plenty of creative opportunities to be taken, especially with how little is known about the place. FredBear's Family Diner always intrigued me and I really want to know what happened there that caused this downward spiral of tragic and infamous events that made f@d what it is. But Nightmare mode in f@d 3 also got me thinking. If "he" lives on, then there's every possible chance that FredBear's Family Diner could make it's big comeback! That was the idea that took it's sweet, sweet time to bash me in the head with "his single-hand possesion" and force me to carry out the tasks required in order to make this dream a reality. So that is why I'm making this fangame. Thanks for going this far to appreciate the hard work I never post, and fingers crossed I'll post it this time! ...he lives on... Yes. This is a game. QTNWEAATGEOITWL: (Questions that nobody will ever ask about the game even once in their whole life) Q: On what engine is the game being developed? A: The game will be developed on Scratch and posted there as well. The graphics are produced using Mine-imator (why else do you think it's here?) and the game might be remade and exported as a downloadable file with GDevelop as well. (Huge emphasis on "might") Q: How many enemies will there be? A: "Two" Q: Why was that last answer written in speechmarks? A: Maybe... Q: Why the long space between the start of this post and the image? A: Drag and reveal... Q: Why are you being so cryptic? You're meant to be answering the questions, not raising them! A: You're all very clever people. You'll have it solved in no time! Q: *sigh* Can you tell us about the security system? A: You have two ways of defending yourself. The first and best way is to use the doors located in the hall cameras. You can seal these doors to keep "some" at bay, but you can only seal one door at a time and a door can only be sealed for so long until it uses up all it's power and has to open. Door power replenishes over time. The other way is to hide under the desk when someone is in your office, but you have to do it quickly, and it sometimes won't work anyway. Q: What?! That was blank! A: Drag and reveal... Q: Why you little...ARRRGH! I'm done! *storms out furiously* A: ... I am still here... Oops! I almost forgot! All credit goes to @Darl for the animatronic rigs. All I did on the graphical side of things was make the scenery and do some minor editing on the animatronics.
  24. They're here... I guess One Night at Flumpty's is a f@d Fan game and an Inside Joke developed by Jonochrome It wasn't a very original f@d Fan Game but it was one of the funniest. It also made the player more dependent on the Cameras to know where the characters are. It was spawned from an MS Paint Comic him and his friends made a while back and since then most of the comic has been lost. Your Ready for Flumpty... Maybe? Download - http://www.mediafire.com/download/916h4v133ligd7w
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