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Found 53 results

  1. This is part 3 of the Time Loop adventure map! If you want to see from the start! Check out my channel! I've made a playlist for it specifically!!! Thanks for clicking! "Keep It Good On The MysticSide"
  2. This has to be honestly the best map of 2019 so far! It get's so much better within each episode of mine! This is such a great map you won't want to miss it! https://youtu.be/Y3ACYaOaAsw
  3. Based on Minecon's unvoted Mob D is Argoth's Hovering Inferno- To be seen in Episode 2 of Diverse... Coming Soon...
  4. Hey Is My First Rig Who I Upload Yei Steve No Blend You Can Put Your Skin just Duplicate ''SteveNoBlend.png'' And Put Your Skin adjust and fine 2 Diferents textures to the R and L Legs/Arms And Support Jackets/Hats Link : http://evassmat.com/ATZ0 Post-Data : Enjoy Post-Post-Data : Why Are you continue reading? Post-Post-Data-Data : you are weird leave me alone Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data : Rlly? are you continue reading leave me alone you weird and download the rig :3 Post-Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data-Data : You End??
  5. This is my first REAL model made on modelbench, there's no much thing about it, here are some images I made on mine imator. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b5pRLatTXxjLDml8uyNyWIDRFGES8LcX (I don't know how to add images and here's the download) (And also the "frisk" character doesn't come with the blank model, its just a way of showing what can be done with this) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xNKn2Ja04mDZ5jvSOLGJwQehVzluDzi4 Give credit if used it.
  6. Hey there... i'm back again with another rig. this time is a lamp wich you can turn on, off an even Recolor! ON OFF RECOLORED DOWNLOAD!!
  7. How to make custom creatures/mobs? It all has to do with how texture mapping works. If we take a look at regular/existing mobs, or at least their skins, we can see and recognise the faces on them, make out the face, etc. But if we pay close attention, we can see that the faces thouching them are in fact their neighboring faces. For example: the left side of steve's head will be positioned on the LEFT of his face on the skin. By that logic we could draw our own texture map for our "custom creature". First we have to imagine the dimensions of individual bodyparts, let's say 10x8x13. First draw a 10x8 square. Next to that square, you should have a 13x8 square, then a 10x8 and another 13x8. on top of those (starting in the upper right corner where the first face ends) there should be two 10x13 faces right next to each other, representing the top and the bottom of your cubic item. We then need to draw the coresponding textures to those faces (imagining them working as a whole). We then need to open the Modelbench! Make a new bodypart and give it a new shape. Import the texture you've just made and open up the UV editor. Assign the mapped texture to your shape. It should automatically scale in all dimensions to suit your texture. From there you need to position it in a right place to get the rotation point, make it bend, etc. Afterwards, do this for multiple bodyparts and "build" them thogether in Modelbench to make them corespond with one another. You can place all of your mapped textures to a single image file (to resemble minecraft skins), or use multiple different images. Both methods work fine. Lastly, you need to import the model into Mine-Imator! Stay Sharp!
  8. https://youtu.be/wKUNISqzmR4 Update -The ligthsaber is in develop right now you customize the saber and turn off the saber by shrinking down on the Y-axis. #1 Note - Still trying to figure out the spare on the tip of the lightsaber, might change it in to a cone. #2 note - the lightsaber has been finished and it has a glow effect, I hope you enjoy my first model and give me suggestions on what model to make.
  9. So i made 3 weapons (4 actually, another one was made for a friend and he doesnt want me to release what it looks like yet) Weapon 1 (My Characters Sword) Weapon 2 (Custom Rifle) Weapon 3 (Scythe - Requested by @JosSamLoh)
  10. Here's a Steve who's clothes you can recolor to whatever you want at any time. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h0s7y4cnu0z3hx5/Customizable+Steve+Rig.zip Includes features like: Colorable shirt. Colorable pants. Colorable shoes. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. (Wow, my first rig that isn't compatible with 1.0.6) You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  11. Here's the thing that everyone doesn't need. A colorable sheep. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/envppd6nu44jmrd/Customizable+Sheep+Rig.zip Includes features like: Colorable fur. Colorable wool remnants. Sheared and unsheared versions. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  12. In the last week, I decided to Update Mine-Imator to the version 1.1.2, and the same bug occurred on 1.1.1 version. This is what happens when I use a custom texture (This texture is the second image) in a cube (THIS WEIRD LINE): This is the texture that i used in a cube: https://i.imgur.com/BEpxuM8.png I already updated my graphics card driver... @david please, fix this weird bug, a similar line appears in the custom models (I think that in 1.0.0 this didn't happened)
  13. As requested, here is a colorable villager. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kc7h8tdzwl7i5am/Customizable+Villager+Rig.zip Includes features like: Colorable cloak. Colorable underclothes. Colorable shoes. Optional unfolded arms. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  14. You guys didn't ask for this, but here it is. A recolorable Alex. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hweahqaxlzhssi1/Customizable+Alex+Rig.zip Includes features like: Colorable shirt. Colorable pants. Colorable boots. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  15. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to ask if it is Possible to Import Custom Blocks made in Mr. Crayfish's Model Creator. Thanks. -Thomas
  16. Hello! And welcome to another wallpaper/art thing.... anyway, today I have recreated the mineimator logo inside of mineimator... please leave any feedback, thanks!
  17. Hello! I am new to Mine-Imator but I want to know how can I import a non-minecraft character? I saw an animation with a character from ROBLOX in the animation. How could I add it to this game? Video with ROBLOX character: Reply with any questions!
  18. DrakonProductions player skin (me) Cornelius Grif the rig i use for my players face can be found here in the description:https://youtu.be/uf9D4WmAsdg Just right click above the skin you want and select save image as.
  19. I'm making some videos for youtube and i found that i need a custom player rig. It needs movable fingers, mouth and normal body, i need it in these skins. http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506961/keithsguest/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506979/connerboy-s-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506985/button-smashers-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10507001/brandonwhite-s-skin/ As Soon At Some One Could Do It That Would Be Great!
  20. Mario985

    -=Hybrid Sword=-

    Giphy To see 360 around it. Download?
  21. Kwixcraft - Billboard Rig Fully Functioning Rig Just add custom images Kwixcraft Billboard Rig Download Property of Kwixcraft You are free to use the contents of this file For any purpose commercial or not Proper Credit Must Be Provided! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8brEXL89FTg9eUNMP65b1g
  22. 3D Bed Rig So, this is my first post on the forums. I've been using Mineimator for a few months now and have decided to finally show the world what I can do! Pictures: Download: V1: https://www.mediafire.com/?wkc6ame8vce28jx V2: https://www.mediafire.com/?jd8nphbqidwtd42 Credit not needed, but accepted!
  23. Hey!, i have created an custom sword. takes from the video "Starless Night" Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ilpyzzc5iczmkwi/AADwXCmlEeg9OCMo8jMDI5Iya?dl=0 I have created this in a very easy way. just combined 2 items Feel free to reply on this... plz im lonely BEFORE GOING AWAY i have created the character himself + sword right here: Thnx for looking at this guys now sush go away
  24. i know it's not the best but trying to get somewhere with it! i need opinions and probably some advice on how to make it better ! OH yeah also it would be nice to have a custom weapon or a tutorial on how to make it cuz like cmon (u know what i mean) who would not like one am i right? MY FIRST TOPIC IS A PLEAD FROM THE COMMUNITY pro confirmed!
  25. How do I use the custom skies that sometimes come in texture packs? I've tried to use the sky texture for custom image in the background section, but that doesn't work. All help appreciated.
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