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  1. Hi there community. I've been using Mine-imator 1.2.7 and only just noticed this today. its missing wall blocks - wall and its blockstates. (im not a coder, but there's a difference between "cobblestone_wall_post" and "cobblestone_wall"). i have also deleted all traces of the program and reinstalled it, the same problem occurs. I tried to downgrade to temporarily fix the problem, but the mineimator page only allows me to download the latest version, not any of the older ones listed, yes I did click on the older download links too. to reproduce this problem, click the workbench > block > search for wall and click it, only in v1.2.7. nothing shows up. I don't know if it happens for you too. this is particularly annoying because the program is missing a block, this did not happen in 1.2.6 and prior versions. this bug was noticed when I imported a schematic containing many cobblestone walls joined to each other and was curious when they didn't appear. how can this be fixed? help please.
  2. When I safe my project with my audio I close mine-imator I go re open the app than go back to my project than all my work is gone even the audio, than I click another project than crash mine-imator by clicking only one project can you fix or help me fix the bug.
  3. Here's a video of the problem https://youtu.be/ibHwodSqFoM As you can see, i've imported 3 resource packs (Hokomokos Modern, Ovos Rustic, Moderna HD) all three of them works perfectly fine until i downloaded 1.2.7 When i switch the schematic texture to Hokomokos, it becomes Ovos Rustic instead. When i switched to Moderna HD and Ovos Rustic, the textures is still Ovos Rustic and only the leaves changes color. In my Library it was set to Default. Here's what i've tried: - Importing the three resource packs in version 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 - Reverting Mine-imator to use previous Minecraft version in Settings (Didn't work since nothing changes even after i restart Mine-imator) - Re download the resource packs - Delete Minecraft.unzip folder I know i can manually edit the block sheet textures, but i can't be doing that everytime i wanted to use a new resource pack. A help would be highly appreciated, thanks.
  4. When importing any resource pack in mine-imator it crashes the software. How I can I fix the bug.
  5. When using particles they don't show in a visible form rather invisible form how to fix that bug.
  6. (If you want me to release the particles in the background of some of the screenshots, let me know) So, my first suggestion is this: Animated Textures. To put it short, you'd insert a spritesheet into the textures area, and then from there you could select it as a texture for a part and select "use as animated texture" and adjust the size and position of each frame of the texture similar to Keyframes Additionally, I would like blocks with textures different to the part that they're parented to to maintain their texture. If you didn't understand what I mean, picture this: You've got this model: This is a model of a character who has been cut in half vertically, and you have a blood texture parented to the body, and another one parented to the head. These blood textures are not separate parts to the things they're parented to because you need the blood to bend with the character. If you next check "allow player skins" and go into Mineimator and import the model, you can import the model into Mineimator and use it and it works fine. But if you use a custom texture for the "player skin", you get this--what the fudge is this why is this texture not working oh gosh end this man's suffering Like - I didn't know my character's blood was about 50 copies of its own texture, gee golly! Additionally, when you use a colour instead of a texture on a model for a block, it works fine the first time you import the model into MI, but fails at loading the colours when you load the project again. This is before loading the project but after importing it into Mineimator: But after loading the project again... This is after--what the fudge happened to this dud's sword? And it's even worse with the Archer Model I created! And from then on out, if I just wanted a single colour, I created a 1x1 Microsoft Paint document and filled the single pixel with that colour. This would be a nice bug to fix though, for the people who just couldn't be bothered to create a texture for something.
  7. when i open mineimator all of the textures default to the missing texture. i can not tell what i am animating and I have no idea how to fix
  8. When using in McMojang texture pack Mine-imator it made it to hard to animate because when I move to see my background it moves very slow and clicking a character part or object, how I can fix it.
  9. When bending the character's arm or leg the arm or leg goes big how can I fix it that problem.
  10. So i use Modelbench often and i noted a soft bug but annoying When using Decimal numbers like "1.001" Modelbench will auto convert it to "1" and it will reset the scale to "1" Another example, using "0.511" will convert it to "0.5" and again will reset the scale to "0.5" How to do : Open the Scale Tab in a Part or Shape Put in whatever slot a number that has a third or more decimals Examples : "0.511" "1.001" "0.875" "0.375" Convert it to : "0.5" "1" "0.88" "0.38" Images of Modelbench converting "0.375" to "0.38" Sorry if i explain it Wrong or with Typos
  11. When i try to import a texture into Modelbench the resolution becomes -1x-1. This happens with every texture. The texture i'm trying to import right now is a 16x16 square
  12. When I was trying to fix the rendering I go to the interface and try to increase the real time render, but when try to increase it the rendering got the rendering got slowish, tell me how to fix it.
  13. When rendering my animation the render got frozen evening when I'm using a camera. How I do fix it.
  14. Not sure what happened, but I gotta say, this is quite a problem here. Modelbench cannot convert and read the language files, and everything turned out to be quite wrong. This is the crash report. And here's the image: The situation is quite bad and I have no idea how to fix it.
  15. The model in this project has too many objects that are parented. And when i try to create the new project or re-upload it it's crashing. @Nimi
  16. https://imgur.com/gallery/Pskslvl
  17. This bug happens every time I open Modelbench and it really messes up my projects. Even though I save, its always resets to black. This image shows what happens after I save and close Modelbench, and after reopening the file. https://imgur.com/a/8NOYOE6
  18. So.. I've always had a problem importing texture pack zip files into mine imator. I believe what ever change they made with the texturing after Community Build isn't compatible or something. I have a pretty beefy computer so I don't think it's performance. if my specs are needed just tell me what specs you need to see. Let me summarize: I'm looking for a fix to my issue of MineImator crashing when importing a resource/texture pack zip file. It crashes at "Loading Block textures" and I just tried it with a texture pack i'm using with a map i made and it's crashing instantly, no error message. M-I just closes. Help would be greatly appreciated
  19. Hi, I created a simple model of ant with severals textures that you can use in Mine-imator. Screenshots : The download also contain a model for Techne. MCSkin3D can use this model that you can see with a texture in the program. Updated 12-01-2020 : - Adding a texture of second brown ant version. - Adding a darker texture of the red ant. - Adding a simple rig of ant nest. - Adding new example project for testing the animations of the model. New screenshots : Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/4t5sve7p1gbc86u/Ant_Model_Updated_2020-01-12.zip/file
  20. Hello! I've been keeping quiet about this issue for a while, assuming it's been reported and would be fixed in updates, but never was. I do a lot of techy rigs and builds, so I use quartz and concrete a lot, however I always have to play Battleship to try and get all of a rig without getting pieces of another one imported. Basically, Quartz blocks do not show up in my preview window, which makes it fairly difficult. I'm unsure if anyone else has had this issue but I would really like some help. Edit: Still needing some help, but here's some more information. Slabs and Stairs also do not appear in the preview window, of any type of block. (See images below) Is there someone I'm supposed to talk to for support about this? (Note: When importing quartz, stairs and other blocks NOT visible in preview window still do import, but them not being seen in the preview window makes this difficult.) (top down view of world, including quartz blocks) (import preview window of same world) Thanks!
  21. Based on the error messages that pop up one after another, I'm assuming that this is a system file-based issue. I have no idea what happened (and is happening, for that matter), and cannot give reproduction instructions. All I know is that, one day, I went to use Mine-Imator and it stopped working and game me this error. My PC won't let me run OBS or ApowerREC, either. Might be something with my GPU, as stated by the OBS simple debugger. However, I've used OBS and ApowerREC on this PC before. If anybody can help to fix this, please do. Any and all contributions to fixing this are much appreciated. click the Spoiler to see the debug info.
  22. ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 10:14:18 CH mineimator_version: 1.2.0 PRE-RELEASE 3 10:14:18 CH gm_runtime: 10:14:18 CH YYC: yes 10:14:18 CH working_directory: C:\Users\LongKhangHienSon\Mine-imator\ 10:14:18 CH file_directory: C:\Users\LongKhangHienSon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 10:14:18 CH OS: Windows 10:14:18 CH os_version: 655360 10:14:18 CH os_is_network_connected: yes 10:14:18 CH os_get_language: vi 10:14:18 CH os_get_region: VN 10:14:18 CH USERDOMAIN: DESKTOP-7S2TLHJ 10:14:18 CH USERNAME: LongKhangHienSon 10:14:18 CH USERPROFILE: C:\Users\LongKhangHienSon 10:14:18 CH APPDATA: C:\Users\LongKhangHienSon\AppData\Roaming 10:14:18 CH NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 10:14:18 CH PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 10:14:18 CH PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 10:14:18 CH PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 10:14:18 CH PROCESSOR_REVISION: 4e03 10:14:18 CH video_adapter_subsysid: 2158039100 10:14:18 CH udid: f861daa4-01e5-47f6-a588-43cd17948b14 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_vendorid: 32902 10:14:19 CH video_d3d11_context: 041B5098 10:14:19 CH video_d3d11_device: 041B3274 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_deviceid: 6422 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 2062991360 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_revision: 7 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_description: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 10:14:19 CH video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 134217728 10:14:19 CH Old log found 10:14:19 CH External library init 10:14:19 CH External library: Data\file.dll 10:14:19 CH External library: Data\movie.dll 10:14:19 CH External library: movie init 10:14:20 CH External library: Data\window.dll
  23. The pixels of blur option is not rendering correctly on MI 1.2.4
  24. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4bj91v5ch2kaa7y/bug.zip/file or,When the model's texture_size is not the same as the image's size, the model doesn't appear.
  25. https://streamable.com/tgck1 like that video, I open the select and save, then create another project, when I came back, the select option it's disable
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