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  1. Well, I think the title said everything... I found this creepy fox while playing Minecraft, and it had a clear mission. Just look that expression, that scary and awful expression thirsty of blood... I think this is the real Fox Miner now. Fox Miner, old friend, just run as fast as you can... or this demon will mine you...
  2. For a new video I am working on, I created these, and I decided "Why not release them to the public!" So, here are the Items! And some Test Photos! (Sorry about the huge image sizes) Anyway, thanks for looking at these! I recommend using along with these to increase the gore!
  3. Hi! Do you want to see something really spooky? It's Sooo scary! no Okay... Are you ready? look only at your own risk! Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/puxczm4yxc043pm/BloodV3.miobject/file Version 3 Released! Added Rotation! Fixed Sprite Added cone to show the direction Have Fun! No Credit Needed MutedGalaxy
  4. Credits: Desert eagle by crustyjpeg NMS Human model by NinjaMasterScotty!
  5. Playing around with the facial rig, got myself a neat little idea and... probably overdid it? Yep, all bloodied and muddied up. I'll tag blood just in case. The blood that covers most of it was made by @rommel hamieh I also edited my own skin and hair to be a bit bloody. Thanks everyone for the upvotes on my previous Renders! It helps me get motivated in the sinkhole known as online school here.
  6. This is the best I can do during my exams. So, cut me some slack guys ? Yes, the animation is pretty rushed. But as I said, not much I can do. The song is Blood//Water by grandson if you're wondering.
  7. weapon model by:crustyjpeg
  8. Trash Can model by @mbanders Skin on the right by @a windows boi
  9. Bronze

    Werewolf Rig

    Yesterday i posted the werewolf, now i give u the rig Enjoy Mouth (You can make any tooth bloody but it's hard, instead i prefer to make every teeth bloody (Just make folder Visible and other not Visible), you can decide if it's up or down) Fingers Legs Moveable Foot and Claws Tail Full Werewolf but it isn't dark Give credit if used Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/ij4hlzw44992bpg/Werewolf.zip/file
  10. Was doing a thing with @Hagus comparing our techniques and styles. So we chose a prompt (Someone walking away from killing someone) and got to work. Here's my render. And you can find Hagus' here Criticism is welcome, but if you're going to, try and go into details seeing as I can't really learn anything from "the lighting is boring" and such comments.
  11. Knife rig by: @Tomas1O1. Made in Mine-Imator And MediBang! Map: World Of Worlds 3.1
  12. Hi! I'm a new here and I hope that you will like this animation. It took me long time to do it... So what? Is this good?
  13. Lord Zerkon


    An ounce of "BLOOD" is worth more than a pound of "FRIENDSHIP". By:Lord Zerkon
  14. Yep, wallpaper... I need better ideas! help me! message me suggestions! Edited: Un-Edtied: Previous wallpaper:
  15. @Artamiel Crescent Hello everyone, i did a 2K Wallpaper about, when you're dying on Minecraft or you're are trying to hide from monsters and this is my part for @Artamiel Crescent Wallpaper Collab. Edited with Paint.NET Made with MI:CB (Mine-Imator Community Build)
  16. Ever hated a person so much that you just wanted to beat the living shit out of them and watch them drown in their own blood? me neither, unless you answered yes to that... then you need some serious help... you freaking psycho but yeah it's kinda gorey so if you don't like that stuff I wouldn't open that spoiler. What Wallpavember is @Nicolasev << Previous Next >>
  17. I was testing some Mafia themed characters that I've made... I hope you like it.
  18. Here are some fight sound fx + some other things from sounds on the internet! https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6e3ym8a0nktuby/Fighting Sound FX Collection by JayPlayzz (Sounds not made by him).rar?dl=0 So ye. Not much. But helpful
  19. Greetings! Here's my first and freshly-created particles pack: Blood particles! The pack includes 3 files, each with different motion, so you can easily create gruesome blood effects on a neck or shoulders! Here's the kind of stuff you can do with it: (WARNING: Gore picture) I hope you'll like this pack. Credit is always appreciated!
  20. Because I felt evil today Please critic so that I can become a better wallpaper artist. This is my first test with creating my own blood, so enjoy!
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