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Found 92 results

  1. Unfortunately, YouTube reclaimed me the song of this video (Supersonic Fire - Atrium), something that hadn't happened with the other 2 previous animations, weird. Cars: AE86: MeFD3S: Me Intro Cars: Today there's no intro car because there's no intro : P That's all, see you next time.
  2. Just anothe animation of the Battle Stage of Initial D, nothing more. Cars:AE86: MeFC3S: Me R32: Based on @Dawid24M's rig Intro Cars: Lamborghini Aventador (As Sileighty): @MineRig Citroen Xsara (As Silvia S14): @MineRig SW20 (MR2): maximanime2017 (Twitter) Evo III/IV: @MineRig That's all, see you next time.
  3. Hello Again! I'm Here with this animation that I wanted to had finishd for the new year, but i have already finished yesterday. One of my favourite races of Initial D, Takumi Vs Shingo, AE86 Vs EG6. Cars: AE86: Me EG6: Based on @Mike's rig Intro Cars: R32: Me Lamborghini Aventador (As Sileighty): @MineRig Citroen Xsara (As Silvia S14): @MineRig SW20 (MR2): maximanime2017 (Twitter) Evo III/IV: @MineRig That's all, see you next time.
  4. Credits goes to: Me- for the weapon, skin and background, and a couple of camera effects @ShotUAnimations for the assist for more lighting fixes and camera renew(oof)
  5. I am working on this animation, this is about Steve having a normal day until players begin hunting him down with varying motives. @Hagus made the first entry, and featured in the trailer. the rest will be featured when the entire video is finished. And of course... criticism is much... MUCH NEEDED FOR THE SAKE OF IMPROVEMENT! The lighting, the cinematic, the animation, EVERYTHING (except the obviously intended part). So if this trailer receives no criticism but the final project receives criticism, i would be ticked off. SO... drop criticisms here! Thank you.
  6. The weapons were rigged, unfortunately I do not know who created them cuz I did this wallpaper long ago. Can someone help me on this?
  7. Hey guys! This is my first Time using the forums on mine imator, Ive decided that i want to make a Mgb battle. Ive already got a character set up for me. I just need some rigs and background info about your character and its strengths/weaknesses to balance out the battle and make sure that stuffs makes sense. Thanks Information on the MGB Jackale and a few friends of his were captured by one of his enemies. Before they 'kill' Jackale they decide to torture him by forcing him to hurt his friends in his dream. Background info on my character Jackale Iseary is from an upcoming Animation series im working on. Hes around the age of 14 and Has a powerful destiny trait((That is explained in the series but ill take the extra time to explain it here.) A destiny trait is basically your ability. The type of element and trait you possess can sometimes determine parts of your future. Jackale is a combat hero hybrid. combat here means that he will possibly save someone of great value in the future. the combat end means he is efficient in combat. His hybrid traits are Earth and Ice. But theres a catch to jackales ability, It is extremely hard to control and sometimes the ability, Which is called FrostbitE(FrostBit-Earth) can control on its own causing jackale to be unable to control his body until he can grasp himself again. Generally having a burden/Hate rested apon you can make your ability harder to control in time. In this point of time Jackale has some knowlage on his own ability but has trouble controlling his Ice side of the Hybrid ability, He can control his earth pretty well. Ill give a leak of Jackales scan from destiny (His information about FrostBitE As well as Jackales strengths and weaknesses) The background info will be explained and shown in Destiny (my animation series. Info Scan Complete.... Results*** Destiny-Element: Earth, Ice Destiny-type: Hybrid(( Combat hero Ability-Identification: FrostbitE** Frost-Bit-E(Earth) Special-training-Required: True Weaknesses*** Long-range-combat Emotions Overusing ability Fast moving projectiles If untrained User will struggle to control ability Extreme temprature objects Enderpearls Blindspots Strengths*** Close range combat Using ability swords, sythes, Objects with sharp edges Enderpearls Percision reflexes speed ***ability potential high:76-100 above average 64-76 average 45-64 below average 23-44 low 0-22 FrostbitE Ice potential*** 65% FrostbitE Earth potential*** 74% FrostbitE potenial*** 82% Ability description*** FrostbitE Ice: The ability to freeze and control frozen objects; Enhances reflexes and focus FrostbitE earth: The ability to Morph and control Solid Earth material/Rock; enchances percision and muscle strength FrostbitE: The ability to Control and morph Earth and ice while greatly increasing reflex, percision and muscle strength ***end
  8. Made this forever ago. Been my wallpaper for the longest time, and I've finally decided to share it with the world! (Just made this account today, and if anyone thinks i am stealing this, I am not, this was %100 made by me.)
  9. I'm bored this morning. so i live stream making this wallpaper Check this out! No Editing. Pure Mine-imator! Can i have your feedback?
  10. epic I've been working on a battle animation lately with music. These are the basics, It's still WIP. I'm not even done with the actual animation yet, but I wanted to get some feedback so it doesn't negatively impact the project in the long run when I just notice an error and I have to go back and change it. Constructive criticism highly appreciated. ?
  11. This is one of my first projects on Mineimator! The animation is pretty fast and has glitches here and there so I still have a lot to improve on. If you have any tips and feedback on how to do better please tell me I'm always looking for ways to get better at animating! Credits Go To: BotanicSage's Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQBqS... SharaX Official's Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQk94... Toby Fox: Undertale OST! https://tobyfox.bandcamp.com/album/undertale-soundtrack
  12. My internet was out all day so I made this. It's also the first time I made a full wallpaper with the new bending. Un-edited: Please ask before using this for any public use. Please do not use this for any profitable use. Thank you.
  13. I've been on Mine Imator Discord a lot, but I haven't posted anything here yet, until today.(I love being dramatic.) Have any questions? Just ask.(I'm not sure how that works on MI Forums yet lol.) Please tell me what you think of it, what I can improve ect. And follow please. It really help me get famous (with the ladies) lol.
  14. Another wallpaper. Done in less than 5 hours. And it's pretty lame. But, meh, practice. Also, it's kinda a promotion for that Call to War thing, which will probably come in a year or so. (don't mind the tail rotor) Imgur Album (has 1k version) Credits Piegon99 - UH-60 Black Hawk THEJESTER & 30+ other people - Greenfield City Me - Soldier, Vest, Goggles, & M4
  15. Hello everyone, I have been working for 3 months in this animation, I was too detailed with the animation, this is the continuation of my other animation, RPG Battle, I wanted to make this animation also have a style of a game, yes, This time is from Kingdom Hearts, as always, I placed easter eggs in the animation. Well that's all, I hope you like it: 3 First Part: THE ANIMATION:
  16. Original Render (unedited) Feedback Appreciated
  17. Hi all. I make Epic Battle animation. I hope you enjoy this video. P.S. In the end you are in for a surprise.
  18. Hey guys, so I've had this idea since Mine-Imator 0.7 about a group of marines attacking an enemy compound, but didn't have the good-enough skills to do it. Today, I show you guys a couple pictures of the helicopter scene. Still don't know what's going on with the pictures. Link to the album (in case the images above weren't uploaded or doesn't load) http://imgur.com/a/C4ccU Credits Hadn't asked permission from them yet. Is there some requirement or consent from them, or do I just simply put their name in the credits? Skins, Rigging, Texturing, Guns and Minor Editing - Coleman (me) Armidale Patrol Boat (or something like that, in the far distance) - PlatypusDude from Planet Minecraft Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion - OneSidedBattle from Planet Minecraft M2HB Browning Heavy Machinegun - Piegon69 from Mineimator Forums
  19. So, here's the redesign of one of my OCs "Dread". He an the ally of Rocker. My next animation is about him and the continuation of the previous animation BladeStorm . So I wanted to showcase him with a wallpaper. I hope you like it!
  20. Ahoy! I'm back with something great! I've been very inactive in terms of new content for the past few months but I've been working on this for a while now. So here's the teaser! I hope you like it. This will be the story continuation of my previous animation "BladeStorm". Here's that one if you haven't seen it. Tell me what you think.
  21. Hey guys! Another set of pictures of my creations. This time, it's a game concept. Left to Right: Special Ops Soldier (USA & PHL), Soldier with vest (Any Other), and Normal Soldier (Base for All) Left to Right: Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle (EU), M40A3 Sniper Rifle (USA), M16A4 Assault Rifle (USA), and M4 Modular Weapon System (USA) Left to Right: Ground Mobility Vehicle (USA), M151 (US Vietnam-era) Jeep, Unfinished UH-1H Iroquios (USA/PHL), M1 Abrams (USA), Type 89 IFV (CHN) A little bit of the GUI and stuff Might seem a little patriotic/nationalistic of me.
  22. This is a wallpaper of a pokemon battle I made. Please give me criticism on it, all of it will be appreciated. Just so you know this was mainly done to test my friend's rig I made for him. http://imgur.com/gallery/RMvOR
  23. Yo! Here is a new epic fighting animation I've been working on for the last two months. MineRocker and Lif go against each other in this battle! There is also a surprise guest character. Try to watch it in 1080p60FPS if you can. I really hope you liked it... Don't forget to leave a like and let me know what you think. - - - SUBSCRUBZ - - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
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