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  1. Remember to maintain safe etique, or you may turn yourself or your coworkers into Furries.
  2. A little bit late to the guns but the Least Favourite Features (LFF) update is here. You can watch last year's update video by clicking here.
  3. It was my second animation made in Mine-imator, made entirely with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTE-DzX1p_4
  4. Please support all the other animators in this! We all did our best to show our love for this amazing game.
  5. i experimented with a cartoony-styled animation, let me know what you think about this!
  6. Hello, I'm preparing a new video clip. but too busy in July. My original purpose was to complete before the release of the new Antman movie. It is probably difficult. So I upload a trailer. Anyway, I plan to finish it, so please watch it a lot.
  7. Tell me what you guys think? like and sub too Faces by skibbz
  8. Hi! This is my Mine Imator project. I made a parody for the trailer of famous Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. ENJOY! P.S. The sandstone texture i remade in Adobe Photoshop CS6 And at the end of this vid you can see my other project: Portalable dimensions pt. 1
  9. So i havent fineshed mine but i will be done by march. so the point of the collab is to re make a parody (MINECRAFT song) that someone made. Rules: tell your parody in the comments so no one takes it, dont make the same as someone else. no porn or sexual stuff. no swearing *Cough* *Cough @EthanForeverAlone *Cough* thats all bye. Also if your @SKIBBZ please join, but you dont have to. My parody is fallen kingdom. So I would try to re make fallen kingdom.
  10. Featuring @SahnzAnimation The sad and heartbreaking tale of two friends caught up in a tragic train accident at the subway station. (please subscribe my channel is dying)
  11. yeah i made a parody of scott pilgrim shoot me (please do) I regret nothing..............
  12. We've created a parody about No man's sky using Minecraft design. All made with open source tools. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. After this project, i might not produce animations in about long time before the new project is released Thankyou for watching
  14. I made this because I was so bored let's all poke fun at marvel yay
  15. Hey guys, AlecAnimates here! So, as the title says (it's pretty self-explanatory), I need skins for a Dumb Ways to Die parody I'm making. If you're gonna send me a skin, PM me at youtube.com/user/EpicHomieMC or alecricaforte@gmail.com here are some special skins I need: Kate from Slender: The Arrival The people in Mythbusters The troll skin Here are the lyrics: Set fire to your hair Try to fight herobrine in his lair get a slender mod and attack kate join a pvp server and attack very late (normal chorus) jump off a cliff to get some pork do your own redstone work teach yourself how to fly eat zombie flesh that's guaranteed to make you die (normal chorus) invite the server's griefer inside scratch the server owner's brand new ride take your pumpkin off in an enderman's face use a bombing site as a hiding place (normal chorus) keep a spider as a pet give all your diamonds in a crazy bet eat some food that's not good for you I wonder what's this lever do (normal chorus) dress up like a zombie while they're eating disturb an angry creeper while it's charging stand on the edge of a minecart platform run around the fence gates of an animal crossing run across the tracks between a platform it may not rhyme but they're quite possibly (second normal chorus) Be safe around caves A message from ANARStuff
  16. Hey I'm a beginner in this but am getting better.I'm working on an animation for a parody of centuries , I'v already started but I need some help. Please any volunteer could you help I'm going to post this on YouTube and I'll credit anyone who helps.Even if it's just a lot of moral support and hints.I'll give more info if you reply and accept.My skype is matias.germain1 Thanks in advance.ΓΌ
  17. Welcome to a galaxy far, far away... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsErzipmSnU Enjoy
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