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  1. Hey Guys! This is my new minecraft music video. I worked really hard on it. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!
  2. Made with : 1.Mine_Imator. 2.Modelbench. 3.Paint.net. 4.An Original Picture for Reference. Hope you're enjoy my Art. Thank you.
  3. Herobrine Rig By KoolkidAK32 Download : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/doqz5hzx94nrvhj/AACK0fz2Ri_c1SN0jF7WAZDwa?dl=0 Pics:
  4. My first rig in ModelBench... i don't know what to add to this... i guess what do you think? so what do you think? Everything in this post is made by me if you want to use something from here just use it :3 i would love to have a shout out if you use something but its ok if you don't want to
  5. LIsPixel

    Pixlpt Rig

    Hello Upload New Rig Here Just Simple Chibi Rig. Btw Its Pixlpt Rig Where I Got This Idea ? From This Youtube Channel Pixlpt Channel Here The Spoiler Just That And Here The Download Rig Pixlpt Rig Dropbox Hope You Like It, Enjoy And Bye
  6. First render image in Mine imator https://imgur.com/gallery/JEGeFDE
  7. Hi, I'm a newcomer to the Mine Imator Forum, my name is Muhammad Zulfachrie Nasution. I am an Animation RIG Maker, and currently I am sharing "[Complete RIG Pack] Computer Full Pack [RIG] Minecraft [Download Mediafire] Here!" me to the public, please help us to build a more advanced studio with him, by subscribing to the official channel "Minecraft Animation Studios Indonesia" together with Patreon of the same name Download Link : (In Spoiler And Via Youtube) Thank's,please help me,Oke
  8. A Render for The MineImator Dev i really appreciate their work to make this Software so i made this render MineImator NetherUpdate
  9. Hey guys, how long I haven't been here in the forum, anyway, today I came to show my new animation of my series of minecraft animations, I hope you see and if you liked it, you can leave a like and write about what I can improve. Thanks and see you in the next animation
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