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  1. _Stomarver

    Stom's Rig

    My first rig for MI 2.0 Attention! I have not tested the functionality on older versions! For rig to work, you are required to remove the eyes and mouth from your skin ^DOWNLOAD^ https://www.dropbox.com/s/85rndes3b5m4z8h/Stom's Rig.zip?dl=0
  2. Hey guys, just made a ghast rig. It includes : - moveable teeth - moveable eyes - moveable eyebrows - moveable eyelids - back panels so when you open the mouth or eyes, you dont see through the head! Here's a little demonstration of what it can do : When you guys use it, please give me credit, thanks Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?mc18p0cci24xmij
  3. At the start of the month I started some work on doing some 'extrusions' on my character rig / my first rig and I'm looking to see if what I've done so far is alright from the big riggers. Initially, it was just a plain facial rig including extruded hair and eyes, but I think I've avoided the pineapple facial rig. Currently, it contains: - Hair - Eyes - Mouth - Mouth Mask - Eyebrows The top picture is from my first update. All the ones below are from my current / new rig for my character. This didn't take me a month to do, but I did make this all from scratch, I just haven't had time. Please give me some more tips because I still want to get good then get good...er.
  4. This is a render i made. I made it in Mine imator,then highly edited it in Photoshop. If you see errors,comment down below! If you want to get your own render,comment below!
  5. I'm making my first rig and I could use some pointers from the rig experts. So far it's just a simple facial rig, but I'm hoping to extrude the entire character, so I want to steer away from it being a pineapple rig. So far I've only done the most basic head extrusions: - Hair - Eyes Please give me some tips because I want to get good then get good...er.
  6. Hey guys! This is my first rig (That I've posted to the forums) and I decided to make a rigged version of my character! I've never done this before so please give me constructive criticism. Pictures: Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?2w1wqqd9hbi06lo Please note that the revolver rig in the screenshot is also made by me and I will not be uploading it to the forums.
  7. Hey! I have a new suggestion for MI:CE. Its rendering an object over another. An example is Links hair and eyes from Wind Waker, Notice how his eyes and eyebrows 'overlap' his hair, while being under it. (I suck at explaining >.<) Its probably a hard thing to do, (but I don't do 3D things in game maker... lol) but I think it'll be a nice addition for rigging things, edit: Basically anime eyes and hair.
  8. I made a simple wallpaper, with the shot of Ashu my Original Character. (I know, nothing special. Just glowing eyes and that shade dark thing. Wew.)
  9. Hey guys! I just made a new character rig. I made it so the eyebrows are the top of the eyes. I like it more, I guess. Here is a test! Also I made a karambit.
  10. Hello I have made a cool Creeper Rig! Here it is: NOTE: This Rig is for the new version of Mine-Imator 1.0.0. So you can't use it in older versions sorry! Its a .mproj file download not .mani Rig Features: Moveable Eyes. Moveable Eye Lids. ENJOY THE RIG!!! Comment in description what I should add to it! Still in 1.0.0, and plz tell me any Bugs!!! UPDATED 1.1.0 : Fixed a Head bug were the Rig would not move with the head! It is fixed now sorry Download Rig: http://goo.gl/1DvbxJ
  11. DanTheAnimator

    Eye rig

    My first eye rig. the last rig i made was an eyebrow rig but this time i made eyes too. http://www.mediafire.com/download/kl4n9f4z40ewfb7/Another+rig+with+eyes.mproj
  12. IHaz0cape's steve rig I mixed my old facial rig that I never released with my hands rig. Write what you think of it. Terms of use You're allowed to use it as long as you credit me for making it. You're not allowed to claim that you made it or was a part of it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/oyo5m4wtwbqktdu/Steve_rig.zip
  13. Jad's 2x3 Eyes Rig! - My first player rig! - Hello internet, this is my first player rig. And I spent quite a bit of time on it. I really enjoyed Abdullah's style of animations and thought there was a rig similar, but there wasn't anywhere! So I decided to make my own. Pros: - Reflective Eyes - - Simple and English Part Names - - Custom Skin Support (just look at the default one and cut out the eyes in the same part) - - soy cute - Cons: - Some parts may be a bit off, just move them. - - Eyelids do not fully open without clipping through top of head, but it's GOOD DAMN ENOUGH! - - First Person View camera is a bit higher, don't recommend for actual first person videos - - Eyelids might be under the pupils, just move it a tad forward - http://adf.ly/1KzMYB P.S. I just discovered Dono made something like this, discovered AFTER I made it. So idc.
  14. Two deadly blue eyes Rig used: PatrickRomeo Rig 2 By: PatrickRomeo
  15. So i need a certain skin rig for a minecraft character made. Im new and all to the forums so id appreciate it if someone where to help me out with this! If you wanna take my request then you can go ahead and contact me over skype My username is cesar.patino7 thanks
  16. Greetings fellow Mine-imators! Today i will show you a preview of my new kawaii anime expressions! I made this animation in about 10 minutes. Enjoy. Though it was made in a short time, Dont think that it was easy to make. Heres the eyframes for this animation. ____________________________________________ (remember! if you enjoyed this topic..) ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨V¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
  17. Hi another Rig I have created! Here it is: NOTE: This Rig is for the new version of mine-imator! The file is a .mproj not .mani sorry! Rig Features: Moveable Eyes I am going to add eye lids soon in next version! Please tell me any Glitches or Bugs in this Rig in the comments!!! ENJOY! Download: http://goo.gl/7w5Zig Check out my Creeper Rig: http://goo.gl/3q4dSF
  18. Hello fans of minecraft, i am a new guy in this forum, and this rig its my first of many! ''The Enderman Rig'' now the enderman has hands, fingers and pupils!, I made several screenshots, see. Screen Link To Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/dm2i1ygin27923s/Ender+Man+Hand+And+Eyes.zip
  19. Hey guys! So after releasing the Yellow devil, I thought it would be a good idea to make... *the pause is everything* EVERY SINGLE ROBOT MASTER IN THE MEGAMAN SERIES! I know. And when I finish every one of them, they will all be in a giant rig pack that may or may not cause your computer to crash! (although I would prefer it to hold up. Believe in your computer.) Leading this assult is the blue bomber himself, Megaman! Think of this rig as a teaser of things to come. This little Megaman is based on his 8-bit sprite. Also, it's the first rig I made with facial controls, so clearly I must have improved somehow. And here he is with the mighty bumo wrestler from my last topic. And now, a download for this super fighting robot. http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2c9c83e6 Have some fun with Megaman, and BE PREPARED!
  20. Inspired by something that happened on a server.
  21. Steve Rig Version 1.2! Finally Creepersssss have made it into the Steve Rig . They currently only can move their eyes. The Steve rig has made itself 160KB big Click HERE to download. See change list and future at bottom! Change List- Eye color green and red implemented Change list available Each mob has separate folder Creeper available with red, glowing eyes Zombie held back til V1.3 Future (V1.3)- Zombie Eye Color Pink and Purple Hole through hand
  22. i got bored an decided to do this (btw you don't have to give credit) sorry dono i didn't ask for your skin Pictures: Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/7pbp6n8f613m03a/Dono+Eye+Rig.object
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