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    -Valve games.
    -Sarcastic humor.
    -Thinking about stuff.
    -Dust collecting.
    -Having no future.
    -Lying around and pretending I don't exist.
    -Slowly becoming fatter and paler until I die.
    -Those small moments of time where I feel something other than boredom.
    -Watching people try to pronounce my username correctly (m-b-and-ers).
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  1. onmywaytostealyourgirl.gif

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      comic sans is my sarcasm



      holy shoot i realized signatures don't show up on wall posts

    3. Riley


      walk animation for all games that aren't triple A

    4. Shayzis


      That's super neat! Has neat as it's odd.

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